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Welcome to the Bracket Busting Bookish Event. It's March Madness for college basketball fans and we're celebrating our own way, with books. We've gathered some of the best books by award-winning, bestselling and top-rated authors which we will be featuring for the duration of the event. Below you will find the links to each book spotlight this week plus the Rafflecopter giveaway. This page will update every day by 5 pm EST. Good luck and happy reading! 

Tuesday 3/23

2 am – Wes Brummer
4 am – John K. Blenkush

Wednesday 3/24

2 am – Judy Kentrus
6 am – Virginia Barlow (Fallacious)

Thursday 3/25

2 am – A.D. Britten
4 am – Terry Korth Fischer
6 am – Dalia Dupris

Friday 3/26

2 am – Liz Arnold
4 am – Virginia Barlow (Wicked)

5 am – Joy E. Held
6 am – Sean Nuber

Enter to win an e-copy book bundle of all 11 books featured: