A small-town Texas tale laced with rollicking humor.

When Ace and John meet they experience completeness for the first time as their friendship blossoms into a new and tender romance.

Will’s plans to win Emma back hinge on giving her the best Christmas ever, which might be more difficult than he suspected when Emma’s frienemies get involved and her father drops a family bombshell.

He'll do anything for land, even marry her; she'll so anything for her people except marry him. It's a marriage only love can save.

He must pursue his enemy; she must protect her people. Can their love survive the duties that drive them apart?

He was everything a proper lady should never want; she was everything a bastard mercenary could never have. 

Hyacinth has got one foot in the grave, the other kicking ass.

Hyacinth assumed dying would simplify her life. Apparently not.

In the cutthroat world of biomedical research, it's publish or perish, and anyone can make a killing. Anyone.

She's a witch hunting a spell. He's hunting witches and falling for her.

A hero you will want for your own, humorous and full of intrigue all under one cover.

A gritty love story born out of the rubble of World War II

A young attorney discovers her talent for trouble in the desolate High Plains.

A young attorney must solve a murder in a haunted house, protect her Lakota friends, and rescue her law firm staff from the killers.

Eight holiday tales in the magical town of Cat’s Paw Cove where anything can happen--and does!

A criminal may be a ruined lady's salvation.

In the Pool of London, Olivia may be in over her head.

Naughty imps, missing socks, cunning thieves and baffled gods feature in this collection of short fantasy fiction 

Six breathtakingly romantic Christmas treats from Anna Campbell, together in one collection at last – and all at a bargain price!

Peace in the glens means war in the bedchamber!

She’s found the man for her, but he has no plans to stay on her island - perhaps it’s time to try a little sabotage! 

When you travel to the future, one must observe some simple rules, but what can you do with a partner who interprets your rules differently?

Fate told Tabitha it was meant to be, so why is she feeling the pull of an escape in her husband’s time travel vehicle? 

Deception and family honor are at stake--so is her heart.

Neither one could change the direction of the wind - they needed to adjust the sail to reach their goal

She must choose between keeping her secret and losing the man she loves.

He refused to take up arms, but would fight to save her no matter what the cost. 

Caught in a deadly scheme for revenge, her life spirals into a nightmare.

Will he still love her when he learns the truth?...The Legend isn’t a legend. 

Spellbinding meditations on conjuring your own bliss!

My story has been whispered behind doors and hands, always by others. This time it's Mine to Tell.

Husband needed: Purely business arrangement, able to take orders without taking over.

Two strong-willed people, two opposing views—their tempestuous battles become as legendary as the land they both love and must fight together to save.

19th-century mores couldn't stop her from sharing her beliefs about women's education and equality, but police, agents of the Crown, and vengeful men she betrayed could quickly end her freedom and maybe her life. 

Can Keira Callahan keep her heart safe when she enters into a contract marriage with the impossibly handsome Earl of Barrett?

Can British beauty Elizabeth Tyndale draw computer programmer Jack Stanfield out of his shell and open his heart to love?

Southern Sweets from Two Sassy Sisters

When her father's lucky ring slips through her fingers, an impoverished lady makes her own Christmas miracle. 

Is loving the new Marquess of Wallingford a mistake she cannot afford to repeat? 

Will an unexpected trip to 1920s Egypt be their downfall or will an ancient guardian keep them safe?

How do you tell the only man you've ever loved that you're not just his son's aunt but also his mother?

Will she chose Mr. Right or Mr. Right now?

What if Cynderella had a one-night stand with a man named Prince?

In life and love, trust is everything.

Can love survive after its expiration date?

Petrified dragon's blood, a beastly Shadow Man, a beauty, lost but unafraid, in the dreaded Wehrland, where magic is more than legend and dragons might not all be dead.

In a world of lies and betrayal, can they trust each other?

Crime solving is a family affair—and a Family affair—in the Big Uneasy.

He could never know how much he’d hurt her, never know he still could, because she could never give him that power over her again.

What if two alpha males lived to please and fulfill you, but they had a dangerous secret, and it included you?

A Scottish warrior swearing off marriage, an Englishwoman masquerading as a titled lady, a sadistic nobleman determined to reclaim her, and King Henry’s army closing a noose around Aros Castle.

Herbal healer, Meg Boswell isn’t who Chief Caden Macbain thinks she is when he captures her to force a peace with an enemy, and he must choose between duty to his clan and her life when the Englishman who killed her mother, tracks her down with accusations of witchcraft.

Serena, a mind-reading woman raised by Romany people, and Keenan, the younger brother to the chief of Clan Maclean, hunt a loyalist murderer before the Battle of Culloden and fall in love despite the prophecy’s warning that she heralds his death.

Grey Campbell refused to surrender his castle to the bastard English captain who ordered it burned, so he bloody hell won’t surrender it to the bonny Sassenach who thinks she’s bought it to become a school for lasses.

When an ancient law is broken, a warrior must choose between immortality or his soul mate.

Do they dare to unravel the past for a future of love? 

Annabelle runs away from school into the arms of a charismatic gentleman…but can she trust him to help her to find out who her parents are? Available at online retailers.

Despite loss and past love, self-sacrifice, brutality and honour, will it be possible for Tarrant, who fought in the Napoleonic wars, and Georgianne, whose father and brothers died in battle, to find happiness? Available at online retailers.

In Edward II’s reign, from early childhood, despite those who love her and want to protect her, Yvonne is forced to face difficult economic, personal and political circumstances, during a long, often bitter struggle. Available at online retailers. 

In 1706 when Gervaise, who has returned from India, sees Juliana for the first time, he recognises her, but not from this lifetime… Available at online retailers. 

His heart captured by the Countess, only Captain Howard sees pain behind her fashionable façade and is determined to help her. Available at online retailers. 

He Will Give No Quarter in Pursuit of Justice.

Two Destinations Lead to One Destiny.

He’s a bearded fantasy man, and the one person who could shatter my heart beyond repair.

Can Detective Mike Eiser and Kat Thomas save Kat’s son, Quinton, from an obsessed gang lead, “Mad Dog” Lincoln?

Can Angela Cassetta escape the past life that threatens to rob her of her present…and her future?

Are Susan Haven and Detective Mike Eiser lighting the fuse that will blow the Haven crime family apart?

The Bishop family must use all their strength, courage and faith to endure the Great Tribulation prophesied in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 24 and the Book of Revelations.

Experience bank robbery, a murder investigation, and human trafficking with Harry Morgan, who is not your average senior citizen adventurer, thru this decidedly different collection of novellas.

Isn’t it just like a man to exit a relationship when he finds out a woman has a few little, er, supernatural, secrets?

Jed admits he might have made a mistake pushing Samantha away and now, when her life and the baby Jed loves are threatened, he’ll do whatever to keep them safe.

Meg and Zane reach for a love passionate enough to overcome the past--if they're strong enough to trust it...and each other.

Love brought them together again...only forgiveness can keep them there. 

When her marriage begins to crack, Sabrina is faced with the most difficult choice of her life—reach across the chasm of mistakes to hold on to the man she loved enough to marry, or forge a new life with the man who has been hers forever. 

When everything Matt and Dani hold dear is on the line, they’ll learn that risking everything can lead to the most satisfying payouts.

When a snowstorm traps Lily and Daryl together in his dorm room over fall break, neither will get the fall break they’d planned, but when the storm clears, they might get something even better.

Can a dance-celebrity Best Man help the Maid of Honor overcome her issues and learn a wedding-party dance?

New and improved Dr. Sage Brady is all about low stress. Will murder, drug smuggling and a hot detective be her undoing?

She may not need a knight in shining armour to save her, but that doesn't mean she's going to look a gift knight in the visor...

A journey of love and life through time and tragedy that few have the courage to take, fewer live to remember & readers will never forget.

What if the mysteries of your life began before you were born, and reach into your future?

Three lives collide in a perfect storm of heartbreak and ruin, betrayal and love.

How do you choose between a long-lost sister and the man who’s stolen your heart?

Call it intuition, call it magic – call it love. Something is calling Clare home. Finalist in the RWA Romantic Book of The Year Award.

Can Nina save the wild place she holds so close to her heart, or will the man she once loved destroy it?

Can Zoe protect the reef she loves, or will fighting to save it mean she loses everything?

Sometimes a tree change might be just what you need.

Can one man’s revenge become his redemption?

A Tasmanian East of Eden ‒ a sweeping saga of ambition, betrayal and dangerous love.

Playing God is a dangerous game.

A beautiful romance born from tragedy, but the road to the end is anything but easy. 

Will Chloe be able to find her Jake with the help of the new detective in town?

Will Corey’s eyes be opened to new beginnings?

The dashing Frenchman or the mysterious handyman: who will she choose?

Pirates, smugglers, or patriots—who’s littering Amelia Island with corpses?

She wishes on Orion’s Foot—and gets mystery, murder, myth, and

As the Stone of Destiny awakens, so does the conflict within.

True love transcends time.

Rory and Frankie weren't looking for love, but love comes when you least expect it.

Breaking the curse is only the first step to forever. A magical mystery tale for the holidays! 

When Earth/Fire witch Mercy discovers the truth, gypsy/fae Silvanus’ well-ordered life unravels and they’re catapulted into the past to right a wrong.  

Magic of wildlife rescue, family & friends shines in this holiday tale of true love and paying it forward.

It will take assistance from a reindeer and a whole lot of Christmas magic to make this elf's wish come true.

Will this be the year the toy maker receives a gift of his own?

Will a miracle Christmas baby unite two tortured souls, or will it forever keep them apart?

Can a temporary marriage between two scarred, disillusioned people, turn into something permanent?

Discovering that the enemy is not always a stranger is a harsh lesson indeed; the realization that a trusted kinsman can suddenly turn traitor is the harshest lesson of all.

The Danes will come, and they will try to take our lands; and the bloodshed will be heavy.

Alfred must use all his wiles if he is to out-think and outmanoeuvre Guthrum, the Dane who nearly becomes his nemesis.

Love is neither measured nor bound by time.

She thinks she's unlovable, but he's determined to show her just how wrong she is.

All bets and cuffs are off as Veronica and Tyler navigate their intoxicating emotional connection.

The past held promise...the present holds passion...the future depends on letting go of fear.

Two stranded strangers. No commitment. No rules.

Heartwarming and heartbreaking…an emotional tale of unburdening your past, learning to trust again, and holding on to those you love.

When danger erupts, widow Maya Shriver suddenly finds herself thrown into a new life filled with travel, country music, and love.

A SWAT member Meg Bourland visiting her family in Fort Worth wants to stop the person blackmailing her father and solicits the help of Scott McClaine her brother’s former partner, who’s struggling to accept physical limitations he received saving her brother’s life.

A widow since 9/11 Kate Thompson, wants to keep her and her grown daughter safe, but the inheritance of land in Maine pushes her out of her comfort zone in Texas and into danger and the arms of Jim Donavan, an environmental lawyer.

When Kelly Lawson, New York TV actress returns home to Texas to choreograph and direct for her local theatre, she accuses a Glenview police officer of harassing two of the company’s gay actors, and Police Chief Josh Kincaid, the most recent man her mother has selected to be Kelly’s love interest, fights falling under the actress’ spell while he investigates increasing the danger for Kelly and her cast.

This Christmas, Penny reconnects with family and exposes her true identity—making her the target of the political powers who murdered her parents.

Will Andy discover her stepbrother's killer with the help of a hot mysterious man?

Chocolate internship in Switzerland, what could possibly go wrong?