Many people think of hearts and flowers when Valentine’s Day approaches. I say, give me books and I’ll be your forever sweetheart! I’ve teamed up with several authors to bring you the sweetest giveaway filled with all your favorite things: books. We’re giving away autographed print copies, digital books, and swag. It’s heavy on the romance, but you’ll also find women’s fiction, suspense, and fantasy.  We want you to be our valentine. Say yes by entering to win below. Good luck! The list is long and personally, I’d love to win myself but alas, I can’t. So, I’ll just live vicariously through the lucky winners. If there’s a particular book or prize you’d like to win, be sure to say which prize you want when you enter via Rafflecopter. Enter below and good luck!

autographed print copy of Murder Between the Pages by Linda Hope Lee (US only)

autographed print copy of Dante’s Gift by Aubrey Wynne (US only)

autographed print copy of Dances of the Heart by Andrea Downing (US only)

2 e-copy of 3-book McCade Legacy series (western historical) by Nancy Fraser

e-copy of Palace of the Stars by Karina McRoberts

e-copy of Chelandra by Karina McRoberts

e-copy of Six Months by Mona Sedrak

e-copy of Lyrical Embrace by Amber Daulton

e-copy of Publish or Perish by Kerry Blaisdell

5 e-copy of Road to Armageddon by Clabe Polk

e-copy of Legacy of Evil by Sharon Buchbinder

autographed print copy of A Phoenix Rising by Vivienne Brereton

2 e-copy of Love on the Line by Laura M. Baird

e-copy of Tied Up With Strings by Madeline McEwan

e-copy or print copy of winner’s choice of one of C. C. Bolick’s books

e-copy of Dickensen Academy by Christine Grabowski

e-copy of The Cauldron Stirred by Judith Sterling

e-copy of Dreamtime Sensuality 2 by David Russell

e-copy of The Colony and The Last City by RM Gilmour

e-copy of The Queen of Paradise Valley by Cat Dubie

e-copy of Fortune’s Folly by Cat Dubie

e-copy of Reign of Fire by Casi McLean plus swag (US only)

e-copy of The List: Alyssa’s Revenge by Casi McLean plus swag (US only)







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