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Are You a Good Samaritan and Willing to Help a Hungry Person in Need, Even if it Means Ridicule or E

“At times we feel outnumbered in our attempts to improve the world—to brighten and beautify, to preserve and heal and do what’s best for humanity. Selfless efforts can start to feel beleaguering, discouraging, even pointless with so little support. It is at these times I remind myself that I would rather be the last Good Samaritan standing than to join the ranks of selfish multitudes creating misery.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes

Are you a Good Samaritan and willing to help a hungry person in need, even if it means ridicule or even an arrest?

Many of you know how I feel about kindness and helping those in need. There's people in our very neighborhood who are hungry and in need of a helping hand.

I read this article this morning and it disgusted me:

A man, like you or I, was walking down the street and noticed a lonely homeless man. He approached the homeless man and asked if he was hungry. The homeless man nodded and the man said, "Let's get you something to eat." They walked into a McDonalds and he ordered food for them both but the cashier behind the counter told the man the homeless man wasn't welcome and had to leave.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a minimum wage worker told the Good Samaritan the hungry man couldn't be there. She treated the homeless man like he was less than human, more like dirt on her shoe. All I kept thinking as I was reading this was this woman should remember the old saying, "There by the grace of God go I." She could be where that homeless man is, as could us all.

The Good Samaritan then watched aghast as McDonalds called the police. McDonalds claims the homeless man was begging customers for money. He wasn't, he was sitting quietly eating a meal provided by the Good Samaritan.

The video has gone viral and many people are boycotting McDonalds. I am not asking you to boycott McDonalds, that's your own choice. Instead, I'm asking you to shift your thinking about those in need.

We're all human and deserve to be treated like human beings, whether we're mega rich or homeless. What makes us better than wild animals is our kindness, our compassion, our willingness to help others.

I embrace the Golden Rule and I hope you do too. Go out into your life today and spread kindness. Do something nice for someone. Help someone in need. You have the power to change the world and it starts with your heart.


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