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#CoverReveal -- Hunted: Dragons of the South (Book 1) by @Rtranbooks #paranormalromance #romance #dr

Title: Hunted: Dragons of the South (Book 1)

Author: Rebecca Tran

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: R Tran Books

Book Blurb:

Hunter Silver was sent to Arizona to clean up the Southern Territory as their new Enforcer. After nearly a year on the job, things are finally falling into place. Life was ideal. That is until a starved female werewolf wanders into his life. Hunter’s dragon says mine before it ever meets Lexa. This has trouble written all over it. Can Hunter save the territory and Lexa or will he be forced to choose?

After waking up in a cage, Lexa Greene runs as far as she can before nearly collapsing from exhaustion. With her memory gone Lexa has no choice but to trust a handsome stranger. Lexa’s wolf wants Hunter before her human half ever realizes what she is. But Lexa can’t start anything until she’s pieced her life back together, or can she? Will Lexa risk it all for a chance at love or will she run again?


Hunter sighed and went inside. His dragon wanted to curl up around Lexa. That spoke volumes about his feelings for her. Hunter forced himself into his bedroom. He laid down on his bed and drifted off to sleep.

Hunter woke up ready to kill something when someone crawled into bed with him. His dragon stilled when he recognized Lexa’s scent of wildflowers and crisp mountain air. She smelled like home in the summer. Hunter’s heart rate picked up for another reason when he felt her tiny body pressed up against him. She curled into a ball and was asleep again almost instantly. Hunter laid on his side afraid to move. He didn’t completely trust himself so close to her.

‘She is ours. I won’t let you do something stupid to make our mate run.’ Hunter’s dragon reassured him and moved his arm around Lexa. “Fuck,” A hundred years of searching and he finds his mate just when he was ready to settle down with Liv.

‘hmm not tonight, we are exhausted.’ Hunter heard Lexa’s wolf. She may not have known she was a shifter but her wolf was aware of what was going on. She took his exclamation as an offer, and it had him, and his dragon worked up. ‘Sleep Lexa needs you,’ she curled in closer letting Hunter’s natural urge to protect overrule his other desires. Hunter drifted off to sleep once more with his arms wrapped around Lexa.

Hunter was up before Lexa the next morning and had to get out of bed before he did something he’d regret. He went into the bathroom and freshened up. When he came out, he saw her lying there on his bed in the morning light. She was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. She had a heart-shaped face with high cheekbones and luscious full lips. Her skin was caramel colored, and her hair was a deep brown. Now that it was dry she had long ringlets that splayed over the pillow. Hunter swallowed and left the room.

In the kitchen, Hunter took a minute to gather himself. If just looking at her turned him on how was he going to make it through the day. ‘You always wondered what having a mate was like.’ His dragon mocked him. Hunter told him to shut it and found the bacon in the fridge. Then he got out the eggs. He figured Lexa would be hungry again and cracked a half a dozen in a bowl for scrambled eggs.

Hands slipped around Hunter’s chest feeling his muscles as he whipped the eggs. He could tell it was Lexa by the size and scent. She stood on her tiptoes and took a long deep breath. “I wonder if you taste as good as you smell?”

Hunter turned to face her and found a set of golden eyes instead of Lexa’s brown. The wolf was in control. She pulled him close and pressed her lips to his. The wolf offered her tongue and Hunter should have pushed her away, but he was finding it hard to resist. He accepted, and she explored the recesses of his mouth. Her hands found their way into his shirt skimming over the muscles in his chest then his back. She was too short to kiss her properly, so Hunter lifted her to sit on the counter. She hooked her legs behind his back drawing him closer. The wolf put her hands into his waistband and grabbed his bare ass then slid forward. Hunter broke it off. It wasn’t fair to Lexa to do anything without her present or at least aware of what was going on.

The wolf studied Hunter as she chewed on her bottom lip. It was sexy as hell, and somehow she knew it was driving him crazy. “Give Lexa back. She doesn’t know you, and this isn’t fair to her.”

“She forgot me.” The wolf told him hurt. “We were together for over 15 years before the witch took us. We spent another ten in her cage, and she forgets me because it’s easier. Because she’s scared.” The wolf growled.

“It won’t happen again. You’re both safe, and she will remember you. I promise.” Hunter wrapped her in his arms.

“Do you promise dragon?” She asked cuddling into his chest.

“We promise,” Hunter assured her. Lexa’s body went limp in his arms a moment before she pushed against his chest. He let her go.

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Author Biography:

Rebecca Tran is a hybrid author and blogger with three award-winning novels. She started writing when she was sixteen as self-prescribed therapy after her father passed away and hasn’t stopped since. Rebecca is also a pharmacist, wife, and mother to two rambunctious girls and a Boston Terrier. If she ever has free time she likes combing resale shops to add to her teapot collection or quilting. Currently, she lives in her home state of Missouri.

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