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Toronto Van Attack: With This Attack, This Man is Waging War on Me and All Walkers! #TuesdayThoughts

Photo Courtesy of Google

Today, I'm shedding my inspirational hat and talking truth. For those of you who aren't aware, there was a horrific terrorist (I do not care if people don't like that term. If you do something that terrorizes people you are by definition a terrorist.) attack near where I live yesterday afternoon. A man drove the above rental van down the busiest street in Ontario before purposely driving on the sidewalk at a high speed mowing down innocent pedestrians for reasons that baffle me, even now. As of this morning, ten dead and multiple wounded.

In this one act, this man, this scumbag known to police, stripped away my peace leaving fear in its wake.

As many of you know, I'm a walker. After more than three decades living in the big city, MR N and I moved to a small suburban city where everything we need is within a five mile radius. MR N works within this circle and he walks to and from work. I can get anywhere I need to go either in this five mile neighbourhood or via mass transit. The sidewalk is my domain. The cars and trucks have the road/street and I have the sidewalk.

With this attack, this man is waging war on me and all walkers. I could care less about his motives (although it's beyond ludicrous); my sense of freedom and safety are in jeopardy. Anger, fear, insecurity and fury battle for supremacy in my body. My limbs tremble and all I can think about is how many times I have walked down that very spot where that a**h*le drove his van into the crowd.

As I work through my emotions and somehow take ownership of my sense of peace and safety, I thank all the first responders (including the Toronto Police) for your bravery and keeping our great city safe. Please pray for the victims and the victims' families. Terror will never win as hope and love always overcome.


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