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Is Life Kicking Your Butt? Go Ahead and Yell! #motivation #WednesdayWisdom #quote #WednesdayMotivati

Is life kicking your butt?

Go ahead and yell.

I swear, this is the longest week on record. Monday was a horror show and yesterday fried my nerves. If something went wrong, and it did, I growled under my breath. There have been several times I've wanted to raise the white flag in defeat and give up. I did the next best thing: I vented.

I love this quote by the hysterical Carol Burnett. Sometimes we just need to yell aloud to feel better. I don't mean I'm giving you permission to yell at someone but rather to go into the washroom, closet, your car, etc. and scream.

Go ahead and try it today.

I did this morning and I feel ready to tackle the day.


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