Grace's Turmoil by @PeterPerrin44 is Similar to a British Golden Girls, only funnier! #romance

Title: Grace’s Turmoil: Not Too Old for Love, Book One

Author: Peter Perrin

Genre: Contemporary Romance. (Seasoned Romance)

Book Blurb:

Divorced and emotionally damaged, artist Grace Stollery wants nothing more than to spend her semi-retirement painting and let time heal her emotional scars.

But when dashing widower Alfred Nobel moves into her retirement village he turns her life upside down and her heart inside out by awakening feelings she wants to keep dormant.

Alfred quickly sets out to woo Grace and slowly she warms to him. But the village’s resident femme fatale wants him for herself. Will she succeed in driving a wedge between Alfred and Grace?

My Review:

Think falling in love is reserved for the young and impetuous? Wrong! Love, romance and dating is for everyone, no matter how old they are.

Grace is a bitter divorcee living in a retirement village in England. Her ex-husband broke her heart and she’s trying to heal when Alfred moves into the same retirement village. A jaunty widower who reawakens feelings in her she long thought dead. She’s determined to ignore his charming eyes and alluring smile but when he looks at another woman, she’s instantly jealous. There’s something about Alfred she can’t resist. Could it be lust or something more?

Alfred’s adjusting to life at The Grange but it’s difficult when you’re the new guy. He’s attracted to Grace immediately, but she gives him the cold shoulder. He doesn’t have that problem with some of the other ladies, but he doesn’t want those women, he wants Grace. She plays hot and cold with his feelings and he can’t help it when another woman sinks her claws into him. When she threatens to expose their “affair” to Grace, Alfred panics. One disastrous event after another happens and Alfred’s life is in danger that makes Grace’s Turmoil come to fruition. Will she believe him when he bares his soul or will Grace continue to hold herself back from love?

I fell in love with Grace’s Turmoil from the first chapter. There are so many great characters besides Grace and Alfred. The Grange reminds me of a British Golden Girls, only funnier. The humor is very British but I loved it. The sweet romance that blooms between Grace and Alfred is realistic and full of emotions. Both Grace and Alfred have walls around their hearts and it takes time to unfold. My favorite parts, though, include the struggle these senior residents face growing older and dealing with life’s challenges. It’s heart-warming and I highly recommend it!

Disclaimer: I received and ARC from the author in the hopes I’d review it.

Favorite Character/Quote: “And she couldn’t help feeling he was going to have quite an impact on her life. Whether it would be a good impact or not was the million-dollar question. He might be the greatest thing since sliced bread! Or he could turn out to be a snake in the grass like her ex-husband.”

My Rating: 5 stars

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