#PromotionWithPride Proudly Presents: The Road to Transition by Bree Record #LGBTQ #PrideMonthReads

It's Pride Month and every day, N. N. Light's Book Heaven will feature a book and an author from the LGBTQ+ community. Two years ago, I read The Road to Transition by Bree Record and it touched me deeply. It's one of the best memoirs I've ever read and it sheds light on what it means to be transgendered. Bree states it's her story but I have a feeling it's relatable to a lot of people. Life is a journey and in order to be happy and healthy, we must be who we are.

Title: The Road to Transition

Author: Bree Record

Genre: Memoir, Gender Transition Surgery, LGBTQ

Book Blurb:

The Road to Transition is my story, which was forty days in the telling and fifty-five years in the living; that is, if you can call existing living. It still amazes me how much you can lose without actually realizing it. Each lost piece takes on the worth exceeding that of the finest of golden treasures. I know because in the telling of this story, I discovered that.