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  • N. N. Light

Do You Let Your Jealousy Take Over When a Friend is Successful? Remember This Valuable Advice! #insp

When your friends find success, do you congratulate them or do you tear them down to make yourself feel better?

Jealousy is a natural feeling and one that has the potential to rip your heart to shreds. It eats your insides and makes you feel worse than before.

A month ago, an author friend of mine released his new book. It became an instant #1 bestseller on Amazon and got rave reviews. I'll admit, for about five seconds, I was jealous. Why him and not me? I asked myself.

But then I gave my head a shake and pulled myself out of my pity party for one. He's my friend and I'm so thrilled for him. He worked so hard on it and he deserves all the accolades. I'm not going to be one of those authors who tears down others because of their success. There's enough room for us all to succeed, if we put the work in.

Do you let your jealousy take over when a friend is successful?

Please don't. I beg you. It hurts you more than your friend. Like Carrie Underwood says, it's not a contest. You want good things to happen to your friends. Channel your jealous feelings to fuel your drive to accomplish your goals instead.


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