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Feeling Stressed? The Greatest Thing You Can Do is Get Physical #health #stress #WednesdayWisdom #mo

Has stress got you tied up in knots and you don't know which way to turn?

Take my advice and get physical. No, no, no, I don't mean get into a fight. When stress takes control, do some kind of physical activity.

It's twenty-two days until we go on vacation and the stress is starting to build. Both MR N and I are stressed out, exhausted and a little anxious. It's been seven months since our last vacation.We need this vacation so badly and it can't come fast enough.

Both of us combat stress with physical activity. We both walk over 20 miles a week. While our bodies complain when we first start walking, once our muscles are warmed up, it's invigorating. The stress melts away and we're ready to tackle whatever comes.

Try it for a week and see the benefits for yourself. Get out there and get physical. Not only is it healthy but fun, too!


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