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The Future of Their Relationship Now Hangs in the Balance . . . Captive by @authormariacox #romance

Title: Captive

Author: Maria Cox

Genre: Sensual Romance

Book Blurb:

LIBBY TOBAR believes her boyfriend, Max, may be cheating on her. After her soon-to-be ex-husband’s infidelity, the last thing LIBBY ever imagined was that Max would turn out to be a philanderer, as well. Shocked and hurt at what she believes to be proof of his affair, LIBBY vows to take swift action. MAX RAMOS is doing well for himself; a rising star at TransScripts, MAX has a lucrative career as a healthcare management executive. He has everything he wants in life—including the woman he wants to marry, Libby. Following a moment of poor judgment, MAX finds he’s desperate to make amends with Libby. The future of their relationship now hangs in the balance.


Max gathered her close and quickly wrapped one strong arm around her.

She yelped. “What are you doing?”

“I’m taking what’s mine.” His right hand encircled her waist.

His strong powerful arms around her felt glorious. He held her as if she were the most precious artifact. This is how it should always be with them.

“You’re such a male chauvinist.” She teased.

“I think you like it,” Max said with a sly smile.

Max’s hands skimmed down her lower back. His eyelids lowered to slits over his large dark pupils. In a brazen move, she slipped her hand and cupped him. A hissing sound emitted from him. This proved to her that Max was just as affected by her as she was by him.

With his body, he guided her until she was up against his desk. “Your scent,” he whispered, “I know that aroma well.”

With a slight tilt of his head, Max brushed his lips against hers once… twice.

Her eyes fluttered closed as he kissed her mouth. She perched her hips on the desk and several books and folders crashed onto the floor. Neither one flinched.

He urged, “Lift your leg.”

“I thought you’d never ask,” she said.

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Author Biography:

Maria Cox is the 2nd Place winner of the 2017 MANA Blog Short Story Series Contest. Maria is also a PRO member of Romance Writers of America and the Treasurer of RWA/NYC. Maria served two terms as President of the Phoenix Writers Club.

Maria has been writing stories since she was a young girl. She picked up her first romance novel when she was just eleven years old and has loved the genre ever since. Maria writes sensual romance, stories that showcase strong, sassy, and sexy characters. When not writing fiction, Maria works as a technical writer. She lives in Queens, New York.

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