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Escape to the Untamed American West With the Wilderness Hearts Series by Award-Winning Author @Wiley

Amazon bestselling author Dorothy Wiley's American Wilderness Series and Wilderness Hearts Series captivate readers of frontier westerns, historicals, and romance. Spell-bound by horrific events and heinous villains, readers of westerns fear for her valiant characters, the brave first-wave settlers of the untamed American West. And charmed by the beauty of Wiley's love stories, romance lovers cheer for her endearing heroes and heroines. But all readers appreciate Wiley's ability to take them on a thrilling and memorable journey. With her singular voice, passionate narrative, and thrilling plots, Wilderness Hearts is an enthralling, romantic, and timeless series set against the stunning backdrop of the Kentucky wilderness.

Title Book One: LOVE’S NEW BEGINNING (Wilderness Hearts Historical Romances Book 1)

Author Dorothy Wiley

Genre: American Historical Romance

Book Blurb:

An entrancing historical romance set in 1800 Philadelphia and Kentucky! When Daniel discovers the truth of his parentage, he abandons Philadelphia for the frontier. But will the search for his biological father get in the way of his budding love for beautiful Ann?

Philadelphia cowers before a mysterious killer--Yellow Fever. Daniel Armitage and his family are respected members of Philadelphia society. But their status cannot save Daniel's loved ones. His entire family succumbs to the horrifying disease. His mother's startling deathbed confession shakes Daniel to his soul. Another man is really his father. His search for his real father takes him to Kentucky--the edge of the western frontier. Seeking a father with a different last name, he is now considered an illegitimate bastard and is scorned by everyone, even himself. Except for the people who matter the most--his true father Daniel "Bear" MacKay and Ann Byrd.

Captivated by her beauty and fierce independence, Daniel seeks to court Ann but her father won't allow her near a man born out of wedlock. The humiliation of illegitimacy subjects Daniel to social and legal discrimination. And ruthless, back-stabbing Charles Snyder is obsessed with having Ann for himself. Snyder terrorizes Daniel's new family and the entire town. Bear's act of unequivocal love grants Daniel a chance for happiness. But only Ann's courage can save it.

Loss took everything from Daniel. Can love give him even more?


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Title Book Two: LOVE’S SUNRISE (Wilderness Hearts Historical Romances Book 2)

Author Dorothy Wiley

Genre: American Historical Romance

Book Blurb:

Seeking shelter from a storm on the Kentucky frontier, Gabe meets his neighbor's daughter, Martha. They're drawn to each other -- but will secrets from their pasts stand in the way their hearts' desires? A riveting historical romance teeming with action and brimming with emotional realism!

Gabe McGrath has secured the title to his land among the blue-green pastures and rolling hills of 1806 frontier Kentucky. During a violent storm--the second worst night of his life--Gabe seeks shelter at the home of a nearby cattleman Stephen Wyllie and meets the man's stunning, strong-willed daughter, Martha Wyllie.

Burdens of grief and a desire for justice stand in the way of Gabe's happiness. And Martha holds a sacred, secret promise deep in her heart that makes her deny her attraction to the handsome neighbor. While Gabe heroically confronts both the haunting tragedies of the past and the ruthless and wide-ranging violence of a brutal gang, Martha must make a heartrending choice between keeping her word and following her heart.

When the destinies of Wiley's memorable characters intersect, and obstacles stand in the way of love, this author delivers a story to remember. Wiley's well-blended use of humor, sadness, and tender moving moments will touch your heart and make you smile. It will appeal to all readers, especially those who love westerns and American historical romances.


Title Book Three: LOVE’S GLORY (Wilderness Hearts Historical Romances Book 3)

Author Dorothy Wiley

Genre: American Historical Romance

Book Blurb:

Mesmerizing, LOVE'S GLORY delivers the same richly descriptive settings, breathtaking action, and emotional sincerity that Wiley's readers have come to expect from her other American Wilderness and Wilderness Hearts novels.

In the fall of 1810, Allison Forbes has just inherited her father's prosperous Virginia plantation. Her father's last wish was that she visit her Aunt Catherine Wyllie in Kentucky before she decides if she should keep the plantation. She intends to keep it but honors her promise to her father. Her journey to Kentucky is eventful and not what she expected. The only other passenger on her stage is a middle-aged, gun-toting, gambling, salty preacher with a questionable past named Jason 'Baldy' Grant. Despite his unusual demeanor and behavior, Baldy becomes her protector and friend and eases her grief as he escorts her to Kentucky.

After serving in Kentucky's militia, Little John Wyllie returns to his family's thriving horse farm and finds himself trying to decide what to do with his future. But his future is put on hold when his family's lives and land are threatened. Swindler Brandt Stoker and the men of Crab Orchard plan to wage a fierce turf war against the Wyllies. Little John, along with his father and uncles, must defend those he loves and his home from this greedy land grabber and the mob Stoker skillfully incites.

From the moment she arrives, Little John is strongly drawn to Allison. But as he fights to save the family's land, he faces other problems, one an unsolvable obstacle that seriously complicates their courtship. His feet and heart are firmly planted in Kentucky and Allison, understandably, will not give up her heritage, the plantation her father worked so hard to build. Allison fights her attraction to Little John, knowing nothing can come of it. But Little John, in true Wyllie fashion, refuses to give up on their love.

Wiley's most inspirational book to date, LOVE'S GLORY delivers a moving and hopeful message about the power of love and redemption.


Title Book Four: LOVE’S WHIPSER (Wilderness Hearts Historical Romances Book 4)

Author Dorothy Wiley

Genre: American Historical Romance

Book Blurb:

A heart-pounding novel of a love that must truly conquer all--the highly-anticipated tenth book in Wiley's best-selling novels of the American frontier. Presented in the American Wilderness Series and the Wilderness Hearts Series, the highly-rated and award-winning novels in these two series will capture your heart and touch your soul.

In 1811, strengthened by his own struggles and triumphs, Liam Roberts earned the respect of his commanding officers and his current boss, cattleman Stephen Wyllie. Although Liam considers himself a homebody, he lacks a home. Tired of bunkhouse life, and twenty-five-years-old, he is ready for a home of his own and a family.

Polly Wyllie, Stephen's nineteen-year-old bookish daughter, has graduated from an academy for young ladies. Liam and Polly's fourteen-year-old brother, Samuel, are sent to escort her home. But their return to Wyllie Cattle Farm is endangered by a vicious hurricane-spawned thunderstorm that threatens their lives. The storm is only the beginning of the troubles and predicaments Polly and Liam must face while their attraction to each other grows. And when Liam brings a young orphan into their lives, their blossoming relationship grows even more complex. But the worst test Polly must face is one she never expected--shocking news that changes everything.

Danger and beauty, trials and heroism, faith and family, at the heart of the American frontier. A sweet historical romance set against the stunning backdrop of the Kentucky wilderness.


Author Biography

Amazon bestselling novelist Dorothy Wiley is an award-winning, multi-published author of Historical Romance and Western Romance. Wiley’s two series, the highly-acclaimed American Wilderness Series and Wilderness Hearts Series, blend thrilling action-packed adventures with the romance of a moving love story to create exceedingly engaging page-turners enjoyed worldwide by her readers.

Like Wiley’s compelling heroes, who from the onset make it clear they will not fail despite the adversities they face, this author is likewise destined for success. In the last three years, her novels have won numerous awards, notably a RONE Award Finalist; a 2016 Laramie Award Finalist; a Chatelaine Finalist for Romantic Fiction; an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-finalist; a Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal; a USA Best Book Awards Finalist; and a Historical Novel Society Editor’s Choice. Her books continue to earn five-star ratings from readers and high praise from reviewers, including a Crowned Heart from InD’Tale Magazine.

Wiley’s extraordinary historical romances, inspired by history, teem with action and cliff-edge tension. Her books’ timeless messages of family and loyalty are both raw and honest. In all her novels, the author’s complex characters come alive and are joined by a memorable ensemble of friends and family. As she skillfully unravels a compelling tale, Wiley includes rich historical elements to create a vivid colonial world that celebrates the historical heritage of the frontier.

Wiley attended college at The University of Texas in Austin, Texas. She graduated with honors, receiving a bachelor of journalism, and grew to dearly love both Texas and a 7th-generation Texan, her husband Larry. Her husband’s courageous ancestors, early pioneers of Kentucky and Texas, provided the inspiration for her novels. After a distinguished career in corporate marketing and public relations, Wiley is living her dream—writing novels that touch the hearts of readers.

"There is no question, Dorothy Wiley is one of the best American Historical Romance writers today." - Amanda Hughes, bestselling historical romance author

All of Wiley’s novels, listed below, are available in print and eBooks and most in audiobooks at For further information, please visit her website

AMERICAN WILDERNESS SERIES – Wyllie family brothers







WILDERNESS HEARTS SERIES – Wyllie brothers and their grown children



Book Three - LOVE'S GLORY

Book Four - LOVE'S WHISPER - Released July 13, 2018!

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