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The Math Doesn't Add Up When It Comes to Anger and Peace of Mind! #inspiration #motivation #Mond

The next time you feel angry and want to rip someone's head off, remember this simple equation:

For every minute you're angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.

Anger steals your inner peace and for every minute you're angry, you lose valuable serenity. If you're angry for, let's say, twenty minutes a day, multiply that times 365 and you end up losing 304 hours per year of tranquility. That's a lot of happiness lost just because you're angry.

My advice?

Exorcise the anger within or else it will eat you alive.

It's fine to be angry for a moment or two but then get rid of it. Nothing good happens when you carry around anger. So, do what you have to release your anger and embrace your inner peace. Go for a run/walk. Read. Listen to music. Go shopping. Play sports. Watch a funny movie/show. Have coffee with a friend. Vent to a trusted confidante.

How do you release your anger? Share in the comment box below.


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