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Escape from Behruz by @judymeadows44 is an unexpected delight! #romance #bookreview #bookish

Title: Escape From Behruz

Author: Judy Meadows

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

Rashid will help Olivia and the baby she’s been caring for escape the violence in Behruz, but he must guard his heart. He can’t risk being hurt by her again.

Olivia has her own reasons for keeping her distance from Rashid. If he learns that the baby is actually hers—and his—she will lose everything that matters to her.

Their escape involves traveling with nomads across the mountains into Iran. As they trek together by day and sleep beside each other in a nomad tent at night, the attraction that has always drawn them to each other grows ever stronger, Can Olivia survive the trip without revealing her secrets and without losing her heart to Rashid once again?

My Review:

Olivia is an American living in a Middle Eastern country, Behruz, a part of the royal family and under the Sultan’s domineering rule. Rebellion and violence forces Olivia to seek out her old lover, Rashid. She begs for his help to escape and he agrees. As they travel throughout rugged landscape fleeing for Iran, desire and love explode between them. Can she keep her dark secret from him or will he discover the infant she’s caring for is in fact, his and hers?

Escape from Behruz is an unexpected delight to the reader’s senses through descriptive narration. As I was reading, I closed my eyes and could smell, taste and feel what Olivia experienced. I connected with Olivia immediately and her fear became my fear. The second-chance romance between Olivia and Rashid, while angsty, rang true. The suspense of whether they’d be caught and hung kept me turning the pages. My heart swelled several times, especially at the end.

This is not your normal sheikh romance. Judy Meadows accurately portrays political unrest and the powerlessness a woman experiences in the Middle East. It’s romance with depth and, I for one, can’t wait to read the next book in the series. Highly recommend!

Favorite Character/Quote: He stood gaping at her like the Behruzi men around him. Something in his essence reached for her, and he wanted... Never mind what he wanted. Never mind the memories that assaulted him and pulled on his heart. Losing her two years ago had almost killed him. He would never let himself be that vulnerable again.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

The author traveled throughout Afghanistan when it was still peaceful, and she lived in Iran for a year and a half. Her son Steve was born in Tehran. Her stories set in the Middle East aren't typical "desert sheik" stories. They're realistic stories about people with real quirks, foibles, problems, goals and PASSIONS.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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