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Magic is returning. And the secret war begins. Starlight (The Dark Elf War Book 1) by @WilliamStacey

Title: Starlight (The Dark Elf War Book 1)

Author: William Stacey

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Fantasy

Book Blurb:

Magic is returning.

And the secret war begins.

When University drop-out Cassie returns to her small rural town, she's certain she will spend the rest of her failed life in the remote wilderness of northern British Columbia. No future, no hope.

But her world changes in one storm-filled night.

For the first time in centuries, real magic is flowing back into our world and Cassie can manipulate its flows. But are her new powers a gift or a beacon that marks her for death?

Alex is Special Forces. Highly trained and superbly motivated he’s part of a secret unit tasked with inter-dimensional travel to another world—a deadly world filled with monsters of myth and magic. But to keep that secret, he’s been ordered to use his skills against the very people he’s sworn an oath to protect. But he has a far greater problem: Alex and his team have opened doors they should have left closed.

And something has followed them back to our world.

Now, in the primeval forests of northern British Columbia, Cassie and Alex will fight alongside an elite Special Forces unit hunting mythical beasts with supernatural powers in an undeclared war they can’t afford to lose.

The fight is just beginning.

But will they see the true threat in time?

Featuring thrilling battles, non-stop action, and chilling monsters, you’ll love this urban fantasy/military sci-fi by former army officer William Stacey because of its authenticity and breathless pacing.

William Stacey is the author of The Dark Elf War series, the Blood and Honor series, and Black Monastery, a 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-Finalist.

My Review:

Starlight is the story of Cassie, a college dropout who returns to her hometown, and the magic hidden within. Cassie and her friends are out camping out in the wilderness of upper British Columbia when a bolt of lightning appears out of nowhere and strikes her. Before she knows what’s happening, magical beasts and beings attack the population.

Cassie discovers she has magical powers and has the ability to save humanity from these mythical beasts and the Fae Seelie (Dark Elves). She’s soon recruited by a secretive military operation and learns more about her power and the Dark Elves. Will she be up to the task of saving humanity or will the dark being observing her from afar lure her to the other side?

I must admit, I was hooked from the first page and I absolutely LOVED it! Filled with intense action, magic, good versus evil, mythical beings and people posturing it’s the end of the world, Stalight is one of the best books I’ve read in years. The author weaves the impossible in such a way as to make it believable. Descriptive narration plunges the reader into the action making it hard to put down.

Yes, it’s a long book, but it goes by quickly as there’s so much going on and so much to take it. I didn’t mind the length and when I finished, I wished there was more.

I can’t wait to read more from this author and more specifically, this series!

Favorite Character: Cassie. I loved everything about her from her ability to kick some serious ass to her vulnerability, especially when it comes to her family and friends. She’s written so realistically, she flies off the page and there were so many times when I chuckled at her inner dialogue. I don’t know if the author is paying homage to Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer but I got the same vibe from Cassie as I do every time I watch Faith.

Favorite Quote:

“He turned toward the monster, his weapon pressed up into his shoulder, ready to fire. And then, in horror, he saw the dragon leap over the stream of water the firemen were aiming at its head. The damned thing was unbelievably agile, and it had jumped about twenty feet, landing just in front of the two men. They tried to readjust their aim to knock it back again, but at that moment, its eyes glowed with a blue fire. The two men stood frozen in place, their skin turning gray, cracking, and flaking— like stone.”

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

William Stacey is a former army intelligence officer who served his country for more than thirty years with operational tours in Bosnia and Afghanistan. He is a husband, father, and avid reader, with a love for the macabre. Black Monastery, an Amazon 2014 Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-Finalist, is his first novel. For those who want their dark fantasy laced with heroic adventure. Visit him at

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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