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Book Review | Her Cadillac Cowboy by @RueAllyn #romance #bookreview #FridayReads

Title: Her Cadillac Cowboy

Author: Rue Allyn

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

A rich cowboy with a classic Cadillac—sounds like the stuff of dreams for a small-town Texas girl, right? Wrong! Josh McKinley and his classic car have been Sara Carson’s nightmare since Josh left ten years ago. Now the cowboy and his Caddy are back. Sara must choose between loyalty to her family and love for the one man she shouldn’t want.

Is the key to Sara Carson’s heart the Cadillac that their families have been feuding over for ten years? Or will Josh McKinley have to give up the car he treasures in order to win the woman he loves?

My Review:

Sara has returned home after years away to help her ailing father. It’s the last place she wants to be, mostly because she’s never been good enough in her father’s eyes. But family duty calls, and when her younger brother runs out on her, she’s left to run her father’s car dealership alone. She discovers her brother rented out the warehouse to the one man who broke her heart back in high school, Josh McKinley. She has to somehow get him to break his lease so they can use the warehouse to broker a deal which will get them out of debt. When Josh tells her he’s transforming it to build a daycare for the local parents, the walls around her heart start to melt. Josh is a changed man after life as a rodeo cowboy. Maybe the feud between their families can be put to rest in the arms of Her Cadillac Cowboy.

This is my first Rue Allyn book and it’s full of dramatic tension. The family feud between the Carsons and the McKinleys is legendary, at least in Sara’s eyes. The theme of second chance enemies to lovers trope is played out but with a twist. Taking care of an elderly parent while trying to run a business is expressed accurately. The romance between Sara and Josh is filled with drama but when they finally get together, the angst is worth it. The ending, while a happily-ever-after by today’s standards, didn’t satisfy me. There were a few unanswered plot points that never got solved, like who’s responsible for the vandalism at the dealership. Maybe it will be answered in the next book.

If you’re looking for a romance with plenty of drama and scintillating sparring, pick up Her Cadillac Cowboy today. I look forward to reading more from Rue Allyn.

Favorite Character/Quote: “No McKinley has the right to treat a Carson with anything but healthy respect and wide distance.”

My Rating: 4.5 stars

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Author Biography:

Rue Allyn, the imaginary love child of an immortal Scottish knight and Margaret Mitchell, was abducted adopted at birth by a pair of professor experts in Child Development and Education. She loved the parents who raised her and tried very hard to please them by starting school at the age of two and receiving more than 30 years of formal education, culminating in a number of teaching positions at various universities. She never did feel that she fit in, which caused her to develop an eating disorder and forced her to learn how to make pie crust from scratch all while pouring her unrequited affection and her longing to sing into the care of rescue kitties. Her instincts about being an odd duck proved correct. She was not cut out for university work. When she finally gave up her attempts to fit in, she discovered, that writing fiction was a great deal more fun than writing about fiction. Her destiny at birth was to be the most famous and talented Coloratura Soprano ever. Sadly when she was abducted adopted that destiny fell to a woman named Julie Andrews. Rue’s creative impulses could not be denied. She searched long and hard in universities, in the US Navy, in retail sales and odd jobs to find release for her undeniable desire to sing out about heart melting romance. She watched old movies, read stories by Dante, Chaucer, Charlotte Bronte, Georgette Heyer, and even—unknown to Rue—her mother’s legendary Gone with the Wind. Not until she met the man of her dreams, her very own True and Perfect Knight, did she discover that while fate had stolen her singing voice, she could—in the traditions of Ovid, Homer, and the Beowulf poet—still sing her songs of heart melting romance by weaving them into stories about love, joy, and ecstasy in all ages. When not writing, loving her spouse, or attending Toastmasters meetings, Rue now travels the world and surfs the internet in search of background material and inspiration for her next heart melting romance.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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