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Book Heaven Wednesday presents The Black Sheep P.I. by @KarenWhiddon #romanticsuspense #RomanceGems

Title The Black Sheep P.I.

Author Karen Whiddon

Genre Romantic Suspense

Book Blurb:

P.I. Dominic Cordasic had lost everything due to Rachel Adair's betrayal. Everything. So why would he even consider working for her now?

Rachel Adair trusted one man - Dominic to keep her and her son safe. And if he agrees to protect her allows her to tell him the truth about what happened, maybe she could redeem their love.

Is each willing to risk it all for love?


Back inside, she crossed to her dresser and opened a drawer, pushing past all the skimpy bikinis Evan had insisted she wear. Hidden underneath his choices, she’d kept her own swimsuit, a two-piece much less revealing and ten times more comfortable. At least the underwire bra gave her some support.

Padding outside to the pool, she grinned, feeling better already. Dom had been right. The walls surrounding the estate gave both privacy and security while the ever-vigilant cameras watched for any interlopers. Since she’d sent the staff to work at the Lone Star, she’d routed the camera feed to the security room there as well. They’d call her and the police if there was an intruder.

Evan might have been paranoid, but he’d been thorough.

With the reflection of a perfect white oval of moonlight shimmering on the inky water like a target, she dove into the pool.

When she surfaced, slicking back her hair, she saw him. Dom. He’d been sitting in one of the lawn chairs in the shadows.

Great. She nearly groaned out loud.

“Remember when?” he drawled. Across the moonlit night, their gazes connected and held.

Without him adding a single detail, she was transported to another time and place.

They’d gone to a party and after returning to their apartment, buoyed by a few drinks, they’d gone skinny-dipping in the building’s pool. Flashes of heat and skin made slick by water and lust.

They’d laughed and teased and played, and finally made love on a towel on a lounge chair.

The memories made her ache with need.

Blinking, she swallowed hard and considered pretending she had no idea what he meant. But if she did, she knew he’d probably tell her more than she wanted to hear.

“We were young.” She made her voice as haughty as she could, feeling as though she might be treading dangerous waters. “And foolish,” she added for good measure.

Instead of arguing, he laughed. The richness of the sound combined with her longing made heat flash low in her belly. When he stood and crossed the pavement toward the pool, goose bumps formed on her skin.

Damn. She wanted to meet him halfway and relive the memory.

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I’m one of the authors participating in the Pot 'O Gold Book Giveaway and you can win an e-copy or print copy of Black Sheep P.I. by Karen Whiddon (winner’s choice) .

Runs March 1 - 31 and is open internationally.

Winner will be drawn April 1, 2019.

Author Biography:

Karen Whiddon lives in Texas with her hero-like husband and their dogs - several rescued Boxers. Now a full-time writer, she writes every day and loves her life! If you like romance, romantic suspense, paranormal, werewolves, shape-shifters, vampires, Faeries, or just plain enjoy reading about two people in love, check out her books!

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