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The Loudon Series is a must read for fans of small town romance with strong women and the strong men who love them.

This series has it all; second chances, starting over, first love, big life changes and of course happily ever afters.

Toss in a couple of weddings and a new baby, what else could keep you turning the page?

Title Between Here and Heaven

Author Lucinda Race

Genre Women’s Fiction

Publisher MC Two Press

Book Blurb

Can a shattered heart become whole? Cari is struggling to deal with overwhelming grief after the unexpected death of the love of her life, Ben. Left to raise their three young children Cari must find a way to rebuild their lives. After her husband's spirit visits, encouraging her to move on, she toys with the idea of opening a coffee shop. Known for her baking talents on impulse she posts flyers around town, accepting orders for holiday baking. To her surprise, orders flood in. With a little help from her best friend, Grace and her family, a long dormant dream starts to take shape. As Cari emerges slowly from the sidelines of her life will she find the way to show her children life goes on and true love never dies.


Cari’s heart skipped a beat. Ben was waiting at the altar for her. He was devastatingly handsome, the proverbial tall, dark and handsome. His tuxedo skimmed his lean, muscular build. She could tell by his stance that he was impatient for her to walk down the flower-strewn aisle. As she drew closer, she saw him take a deep, ragged breath, his deep blue eyes locked on hers.

Ben’s best man, Art, poked him and whispered something. He nodded. He reached out for her hand, and they turned to the minister. As she and Ben stood side by side, she made a silent vow she would spend all her days making him happy.

The ceremony was a blur until the minister said, "Benjamin McKenna, do you take this woman, Cari Riley, to be your wife?"

Ben replied in a deep, rich voice. "I do."

"And Cari Riley, do you take Benjamin McKenna as your husband?"

She squeezed his hand and giggled. "I do."

"By the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife. Ben, you may kiss your bride."

Applause rang out over the couple as Ben placed his hands on both sides of her face and pulled her in for the kiss to seal their marriage.

"Sweetheart,” he whispered for her ears only, “our life begins.”

The remainder of the day whizzed by. Cari wasn’t sure if they had eaten or who they had talked to, but the day was filled with love and laughter. When it was time, they slipped away to change clothes before heading to their honeymoon on Cape Cod.

Cari twirled one last time in her dress before Ben undid the buttons and long zipper.

"Ben, I can't wait until we get back and set up our apartment. It's going to be so much fun!"

Ben perched on the edge of the narrow bed and watched his new bride step out of her dress and the layers of petticoats before tossing everything over the vanity chair.

"Cari, you are so beautiful. Come here." Ben’s voice was thick with emotion.

Cari's heart hammered in her chest. She slowly crossed the room to stand before him, barefoot, wearing a tiny slip…


"Mom, where are you?"

Cari was jolted back to the present. Her oldest daughter, Kate, demanded her attention. She closed the cover on the wedding album and locked the flood of memories away.

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Author Biography

I’m a small-town girl who has always loved books, well I should say anything sandwiched between two covers. As a kid, I would read anything I could get my hands on, including my brothers Hardy Boys mystery books and my mother’s Good Housekeeping magazine.

My husband and I live in a small town in western Massachusetts with our two little fur babies, Jasper and Griffin. When I’m not working my day job I steal every free moment I can for writing romance. It smooths out the rough edges of the world when I can escape into my characters’ lives and write their happily ever after.

Although the Loudon Series featuring the McKenna family is my first published work in romantic fiction, I’ve written non-fiction blog posts for a non-profit. I can assure you, romance is so much more fun and rewarding!

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Book + Main Lucinda Race



Title Lost and Found

Author Lucinda Race

Genre Women’s Fiction

Publisher MC Two Press

Book Blurb

Fifteen years ago, Cari McKenna survived the devastating loss of her husband, Ben. Despite having wonderful family and friends, as well as a thriving business, there is emptiness in her heart.

Ray Davis has been a good friend and neighbor to Cari since their kids were toddlers, sharing the struggles of single parenthood. Ray has spent years waiting for Cari to be ready for more than friendship.

Ellie and Kate McKenna are determined to give their mother a helping hand into the dating pool in the hopes that Cari finds romance and love. But someone from the past comes back to town and changes the McKenna and Davis families forever.

Book Trailer


Cari’s street was just ahead, and relief coursed through her. The road was inundated with water. Lightly tapping the brakes, she turned left onto Maple Street, just as it was plunged into darkness. Anxious to get home safely, she drove slowly down the street, avoiding the debris and dodging the trees as they bent low, kissing the ground. The bright headlights swept over the driveway as she pulled up to the garage door. She waited impatiently for it to open wide enough to get the car stowed inside. “Oh shoot. No electricity.”

Cari parked the car in the downpour and dashed to the back door, firmly slamming it behind her. Leaning against it, she took deep breaths to steady her pulse as the hair on her arms stood on end. A thunderous crack rang out, immediately followed by a large bolt of lightning that illuminated the room. Oh, no, she thought, realizing that what had been struck was very close to where she stood. She felt the house shudder and then—deafening silence.

Cari pulled herself together and crossed the room. As she peered out the kitchen window, she was shocked to discover that the large pine tree, which had dominated the backyard, was now resting on the roof of her house. It had split down the middle and hefty chunks of the trunk and branches covered the ground. The sunroom was in shambles, and shards of glass and wood splinters littered the floor. Stunned, she stared at the carnage as the sun broke through the dark, heavy cloud cover.

“For crying out loud, Ben, look at what your stupid tree did! I told you not to plant it so close to the house. They grow about a foot per year, so that means your tiny tree grew into a twenty-five-foot monster,” Cari screamed.

Cari flung open the back door and stepped into the heavily pine-scented air. For a brief second, she inhaled deeply, savoring the cool, fresh air the storm had left after washing away the oppressive heat.

She gingerly picked her way through the branches that peppered the lawn.

“Ben, what are we going to do? One side of the house is devastated,” she cried. “I’ll call Shane. This mess needs heavy equipment. I’m sure he’ll bring the guys over to clean it up.”

Ray glanced out the dining room window, curious if he could see what got struck by lightning. To his surprise, his neighbor was standing in front of a large tree, which had become a part of her house. Her long slender hands flew through the air as she carried on an animated conversation with the tree. Ray pulled on his work boots and headed over to see what he could do to help.

Cari was intently surveying the damage and muttering to herself as Ray came over. He could tell she hadn’t heard him, so he cleared his throat and ventured, “Ah, Cari, are you okay?”

Cari turned, relieved to see Ray standing three feet away from her. At six-foot-three, he towered over her. She jammed her hands into her front jean pockets, feeling foolish for having been caught talking to herself.

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