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Book Review | The Heart of the Matter: A Mother's Love by Dr. Julia E. Antoine @JuEphraime et. a

Title: The HEART Of The Matter: A Mother’s Love

Author: Dr. Julia E. Antoine, et al.

Genre: Women's Fiction, Romance

Book Blurb:

The love of a mother, whether you've never had it, have it, or miss it, affects us all in a million different ways. Nine talented authors: Best-sellers and Award-winners, bring you BRAND NEW, suspenseful and romantic, short stories in this awe-inspiring novel, The HEART of The Matter: A Mother's Love. These nine stories are sure to make you smile, laugh, cry, and fall in love. They've stirred in a diverse collection into this anthology! There is sci-fi, contemporary, paranormal, fantasy, and many more... Something for everyone! The Scent of a Man: Dr. Julia E. Antoine

Danielle Jefferson is young and in love when she volunteers to work at the same archeological dig as Robert (Rob) Raffone. Surrounded by the staggering natural beauty of Kennecott, Alaska, Danielle gives herself freely to the most extraordinary man she's ever known. They share a passionate night, but even the passion they share can't keep him with her. Rob leaves Danielle with a broken heart...and, nine months later, with a cherished reminder of their lost love. Now Danielle is older and wiser and about to make a momentous decision that will affect not only her life but also the life of the one person she holds dearer than her own.

Holding On to Love: Solange St. Brice

Philippa thinks her life is complete. She's married to her high school sweetheart, Roger, and they have two wonderful children. Life couldn't be better, or so she thinks. She lives for her family, and then, one day, her whole world comes crashing down around her when Roger tells her he's not happy and he's going to do something about it. Philippa tries to talk him out of the outlandish plan he's concocted, but no amount of talking on her part is able to sway him.

Dead Witch Talking: T. A. Moorman

Some witches are better off left dead. Elyssia loves her sisters, but she can't help the green monster of envy when she sees them with their mates,and their father, while she is now literally an orphan. Their mother dead, her own father dead, her mate still unclaimed... When yet another Mother's Day comes around and slaps her in the face, Elyssia cooks up a plan to bring Mama back from the dead. Problem is, it might not be their mom she brings back.Witches, vampires, and demons, the perfect combination to make a true hot mess.

One Night of Love: Izzibella Beau

All Bobby Jo wanted was a baby to complete her family. A little person to make her feel closer to her straying husband. But, month after month she was let down, never to feel the joy of announcing she was pregnant. After another failed pregnancy test, Bobby Jo drove for a while in the pouring rain. Then she saw a stranger fighting against the blowing wind to walk wherever it was he had to go. Bobby Jo offered him a ride. It was one night of love, one night of strangers sharing their bodies, minds, and souls. One month later, Bobby Jo got the pregnancy results that she always wanted. But is the child her husband's or the man she left a note, the one she said never try and find her?

No Greater Love: Mariyam Hasnain

Everything was smooth like a fairy tale until....A year and a half into marriage and life grind sets in. Sara and, her husband, Kabeer have less time for each other as they are focusing more on their jobs. Top of that Kabeer has a question mark on his face all the time. What's the question mark about?

The Blue Box: Jan Raymond

An urgent call intrudes rudely into the ideal life that Layla has built for herself. She returns home to bury the past for good. But, the past carries its own secrets that can worm their way into the present. Will Layla be able to come to terms with the secrets of the past and deal with its consequences?

A Very British Mother: Lucinda E. Clarke

It can be a shock to realize that the mother you thought you knew turned out to be something quite different. The moment I was pushed to the front of the stage that night, the nightmare began--one that would shake the world.

My Review:

This is a collection of stories all dealing with the power of a mother’s love and the strength it takes to be a mother. Nine short stories by some of today’s leading women’s fiction authors. Overall, I enjoyed the stories. Some of them I connected with while others I didn’t. This is normal in any anthology. What impressed me most was the emotion that poured from each story. It was beautiful and a true testament to a mother’s love.

The Scent of a Man by Dr. Julia E. Antoine has to be my favorite story. A single mother, Danielle, longs for the time she spent in Alaska. She buys a property, sight-unseen, and moves her and her teenage daughter to their new house. What she doesn’t realize is she’s putting her own daughter’s life in jeopardy and making her live in a haunted house. Will she pack up and move or will she stay and rid her Alaskan home of an angry spirit?

I really enjoyed this story. It has all the elements I love in a haunting and then some. I loved the descriptive narration and could picture Danielle’s Alaska with precision. Realistic ghost story and the isolation was keenly felt.

If you’re looking for an emotional read on mothers and a mother’s love, pick up The Heart of the Matter: A Mother’s Love today. It would make a great gift, too.

My Rating: 4 stars

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Author Biography:

DR. JULIA E. ANTOINE, aka Ju Ephraime, is the author of numerous bestsellers and award-winning novels, including, I Will Follow: to Eternity and Beyond and her highlander historical series, The Campbell Brothers. Dr. Antoine always knew she would be a writer. She started writing short stories for the local radio station in her hometown before she had even graduated high school. These days her time is spent plotting and creating new stories. When she’s not plotting out her next book, she travels extensively researching new locations to color her stories. She lives in the New England area with her wonderful life companion and her favorite pet, her dog, Gus.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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