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Book Review | From Denver to Forever by @CadenceVonn #eroticromance #newrelease #bookreview

Title: From Denver to Forever

Author: Cadence Vonn

Genre: Erotic Romance

Book Blurb:

Two stranded strangers...No commitment. No rules.

After discovering her boyfriend is into kink—and not with her—Emily Jameson wants to know what all the hype is about. When a blizzard strands her in the Denver airport, she meets a man perfect for satisfying her curiosity—and more than a few desires—in a lovers-only relationship. But after their first toe-curling kiss, she wonders if the no-strings bargain they've made is a mistake.

Mark Blacke always goes after what he wants, and the moment he sees Emily, he wants her. Fulfilling her fantasies will be a pleasure. Why wouldn't it be when she wants hot as sin sex and no fetish is off-limits? Falling for her isn't part of the plan, but if he tells her how he feels, he fears he'll lose the woman of his dreams...

My Review:

What happens when two stranded strangers in an airport agree to a no-strings relationship where they can explore each other’s fantasies?

Emily broke up with her sleazy boyfriend but not before witnessing him going all 50 Shades on her roommate. Tired of her vanilla lifestyle, she wants to explore her fantasies without any relationship baggage. She meets Mark and they agree to a lovers-only relationship. It’s hot and she loves the time she spends with him. The more she explores her fantasies with Mark, the stronger her feelings become. What if she wants a “real” relationship with him? What if she’s falling for him, only to have her heart broken when it ends?

From Denver to Forever is nothing like I expected. Mark and Emily are not only fully fleshed out characters, but they became a part of me the longer I read. The chemistry between them is only a part of the story. How they went from a hot one-night stand to lovers to a couple was a journey I loved exploring. The ups and downs, the insecurities, the inner dialogue and of course, the hot bedroom scenes all melded together to make this an intoxicating read. I had to tell myself to put it down to go to sleep but then I’d read one more paragraph and kept reading.

If you’re looking for a HOT erotic romance with characters which leap off the page and burrow their way into your heart, this is the book for you. I can’t wait to read more in this series. Highly recommend!

Favorite Character/Quote: Emily. What a fantastic heroine. I connected with her immediately and as I was reading, I kept whispering to her to go for it with Mark. After a family who wants nothing more than a maid and an ex who cheated on her with her roommate, Emily deserves all the happiness in the world.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Cadence has been involved in the arts since she could pick up a crayon. She has a BFA in photography and silversmithing. If you get a glimpse of her notebooks you’ll discover she’s an accomplished doodler. She channels her daydreams into sizzling hot romances. Now she is living her dream with her husband with a view of Puget Sound outside her door. Play a Game With Me, The Perception Game, Revving Her Heart and Who Knew…It Takes Two! are available now from The Wild Rose Press. From Denver To Forever is available Aug. 26th.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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