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Absolution by @PLParker is a Trick or Treat Book Bonanza Pick #paranormalromance #vampires #PNR #giv

Title: Absolution

Author: P.L. Parker

Genre: Paranormal – Vampire Romance

Book Blurb:

From the mists of time…dark powers arise.

Born in blood and entombed for six hundred years, the dhampir Chloe awakens.

Zaccarius, the most feared Slayer of all, is sent to determine her worth and, if necessary, to render justice. Enthralled by the purity of her mind, he becomes her protector, only to fall beneath the armies of the Dark Master Jochad.

Ancient and dying, Jochad demands Chloe choose—her blood for the life of her lover!


Opening the small refrigerator, she took out several bags, slapping them down on the table. She needed every ounce of strength she could muster and the more blood she ingested, the stronger she would be. Whether Zaccarius knew it or not, she would be at his side when the battle commenced, and she’d best be prepared. She sniffed the clear containers, fangs erupting in expectation, senses expanding with heightened awareness. She could feel the changes being wrought, triggered by the promise of blood. Not wishing to chance attacking the sleeping trio, she bit into a plump bag, emptying it quickly, and then bit into another. Five bags later, cravings replete, she focused inward, determined to control the beast within her.

Benny stirred, mumbling incoherent mutterings, quieting when Shauna slapped a sleepy hand across his face. Chloe chuckled. Even in sleep, these two warred, but she was beginning to understand their purpose and forgive their peculiarities.

Inhaling deeply, more of habit than need, she raised her hands, imagining nails elongating to sharp points. Her hands reacted. Good! One obstacle easily overcome. She ran an exploratory tongue across her teeth. The fangs had stayed down, sharp as daggers. Fingering one, she was startled when she pierced a thumb. Must be careful!

It was time for a bigger feat. Closing her eyes, she raised her arms and imagined herself floating up and up. Her head hit the vaulted ceiling with a solid thump, pinned against the obstruction, held by some force beyond her understanding.

“Earl?” She gasped, frightened. “Wake up!”

“Wha…” Earl croaked, squinting, eyes bugging out as his vision cleared. Rolling off the bed, he stumbled to his feet.

“What’er you doing up there?”

Held firm, she grew more frantic, struggling against the powers that kept her solidly braced against the ceiling.

“What must I do?”

Earl stood on the bed and reached up, but the high vaulted ceiling was beyond his grasp.

“Maybe you should try thinking about something calming, like a ship floating on water.”

Chloe groaned. “Remember our last boat ride? Think you I canst use that vision to relax? ‘Tis silly to even try.”

“Well, what would Zaccarius do? I bet he got stuck a time or two when he first became a vamp.”

An ornate carving poked against her back, gouging pits and grooves as she twisted. She would be black and blue come morning.

“You know,” Earl said with an encouraging smile. “You’re actually doing really well up there.”

“Oh—cool!” Benny yelped. “I saw this on Lost Boys. Just make sure she doesn’t drift out a window or we’ll lose her.”

“There’s no window open.” Shauna yawned, rubbing her eyes. “If you were smarter than a fence post, you’d know that.”

“Help me!” Chloe screeched, struggling. “Read in your books what I must do.”

“Maybe it’s like what happens when a pit bull bites,” Benny observed. “You know, like a locking jaw that only relaxes after they calm down.”

Her exertions caused her cotton nightgown to ride up, proving to all below that she wore nothing but herself underneath. Earl’s jaw dropped, face flushing beet red.

“Uh—Chloe,” he stuttered. “We…uh…we can see everything.”

“I didst not think ye be blind,” she snapped.

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If you could dress up as anything or anyone this Halloween, what or who would it be and why?

I would dress up as a witch! With a green face, long greasy, scraggly hair, black lips, the works. I have on more than one occasion dressed as one and what could be more in keeping with Halloween than a witch?

Explain why your featured book is a treat to read:

Absolution is a twist on the standard vampire romance. Chloe, the heroine, is born 600 years ago and her father and his closest servants do their best to prevent her from knowing what she is. When it becomes clear they can no longer care for her, he entombs her in the hopes that someone in the future can cure her. She awakes in the present, confused, afraid and alone.


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Author Biography:

I write stories full of romance and adventure where the heroes are alpha males and the women are strong and determined. I am a dreamer, an avid reader of fiction, a sometimes gardener and an inept crafter. I live in Idaho with my husband. I have three wonderful sons, two daughters-in-law, granddaughter and new baby grandson. I love to travel, but always return to my beloved Idaho. For many years, I performed and taught mid-eastern dance but as time passed, I decided to try my hand at a new endeavor - writing. I enjoy life and all its promises.

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