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Teddy Brewster’s Hold on Me (Pacifica Academy Drama Book 3) by Christine Miles is a Trick or Treat B

Title: Teddy Brewster’s Hold on Me (Pacifica Academy Drama Book 3)

Author: Christine Miles

Genre: YA Romance

Book Blurb:

She never expected to see Teddy Brewster in a new light… Maddie finally has her first leading-lady role as Aunt Abby in her school’s production of Arsenic and Old Lace. She’s ready to conquer the stage, and her senior year. Then Liam—her co-star, Teddy Brewster—lets it slip her ex called her clingy. Determined to prove the opposite, she creates Project Dating Spree—seven rules, zero drama. What could possibly go wrong? Everything. To complicate her life further, she begins to think of adorkable Liam as more than a friend and castmate.


The thought of this being our last play with my favorite teacher and director caused sadness to creep through me. Being a senior would be fantastic, but in a bittersweet way.

“And, yeah, Shane’s my best friend, but it’s a new year, and you’re not clingy like he said—”

Liam’s eyes became round and he paled.

I froze, and my Abby Brewster high evaporated.

His words hung between us as kids loudly walked by.

No. He didn’t just say what I thought I heard.

But as Liam’s face went from pale to crimson, I narrowed my eyes.

Noah lowered and turned his head away from me.

I inhaled and remembered the reason I’d started meditating during summer break. As a way to better control my emotions in every kind of situation. But as I reached count four, the word “clingy” landed in my brain. Then exploded and formed a mushroom cloud. “He said what about me?” I screeched, catching the attention of those girls still at their lockers.

“Maddie, I’m such a dick.” Liam stepped toward me. “I didn’t mean to say that out loud—” He cringed.

Oh. Perfect. Even better.

I started trembling. With complete, girl-scorned fury.

“Not helping,” Noah mumbled.

“Why? How?” I said through my teeth. “He crushed me for another girl.” I shook my head, the ends of my light-brown hair slapping my chin. “How could he say that about me? Because I—wanted us to get back together?” I’d stopped myself from saying stupidly.

“He was pissed and frustrated when he said it. You weren’t acting like yourself—”

“Dude, seriously?” Noah faced him. “Stop. Talking.”

Liam ran a hand through his hair, messing it up even more, and nodded.

Okay. I hadn’t been myself and my behavior at the end of last year hadn’t exactly been that of a sane, seventeen-year-old girl. But I’d been heartbroken. For many reasons. And clingy?

That was a word no girl ever wanted to be called.

Forgetting all about meditative breathing, I said, “That rat bastard won’t be able to show his face again after I’m done with him.”

I took a shaky step. Then Noah grasped my right arm, Liam grasped my left, and they all but dragged me back and toward the auditorium’s huge, deserted lobby.

I tried to shake them off as I said, “Hey! You’re supposed to be my friends. Well, Noah, you’re supposed to be my friend. It’s obvious where Liam’s loyalties are.”

He ignored me and my trying to tug my arm free from his grasp.

“We are your friends,” Noah replied, despite my struggles. “And as your friends, we’re saving you. From yourself.”

They stopped once we’d reached the first set of auditorium doors and released me.

I crossed my arms and glared at them. Mostly Liam.

Noah concentrated on me. “Maddie, the stuff with Shane happened back in April. And it’s September. I’m one of your best friends and telling you to Let. It. Go.”

I’d worked hard during the summer to let him go, and so many other things that had happened in the spring. But hearing what he’d said about me had brought it all back with the force of an ocean wave. And a memory from April broke through my anger and humiliation.

I focused on Liam. “Is that the real reason you asked me to prom?” I’d turned down his friendly invite, and on the bitchy side. Another reason his friendliness and support had warmed me. But the warmth had turned into a glacier. “Because you felt sorry for me?” My mind zeroed in on something else. “And, come to think of it, aren’t there rules against asking out your best friend’s ex?”

Noah turned toward him, and frustration and hurt filled Liam’s eyes. But I didn’t give a crap if I’d hurt his feelings.

“Tell me the truth, Liam.”

“No,” he muttered. “That isn’t why I asked you to prom as friends.”

I searched his face for deceit, but all I saw were the same two emotions. Still, it didn’t stop me from doubting him, and I lifted my chin. “Well, I’m not clingy.”

“I never said you were.” He sighed. “Maddie, I’m so sorry I said that.”

“You should be.” I leaned forward. “I’ll prove I’m not clingy, too.” Proving that might prove I was more insane than neurotic, but I’d work on that adjective later.

Liam raised his eyebrows, and I turned and marched back the way they’d dragged me.

Now I had to figure out a way to follow up my vow with the best actions.

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If you could dress up as anything or anyone this Halloween, what or who would it be and why?

Professor McGonagall from the Harry Potter books/movies. I have several students who love Harry Potter, and they have reminded me how much I love the books and movies, too!

Explain why your featured book is a treat to read:

Liam's story is funny and swoony one moment, then a page or two later reaches into the heart and tugs pretty hard. Their story is very special to me.


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Author Biography: I started writing stories when I was 11 or 12 (yes, I was one of those kids), and remember using loose-leaf notebook paper, blue erasable pens and writing until my hand ached. I eventually graduated to a typewriter and then, thank goodness, a computer. I've also been an avid reader all my life and a sucker for a good HEA for as long as I can remember. My love for writing and reading led me to study English in college, with a focus on Creative Writing, which led to a master's degree in Creative Writing, as well. I've been a professional writer since 2006, but manage to find time for my real passion--writing fiction. Me, Shakespeare and the Anti-Love Club is my first teen romance. I fell so in love with the club members and theater characters, I decided to turn it into the Pacifica Academy Drama Series. I'm a PRO Member of Romance Writers of America (RWA) and belong to the Denver Chapter of the organization. When I'm not writing, I love reading super swoony romances with sassy heroines and adorkable heroes, listening to music on my 2nd Generation iPod and traveling... day road trips so count!

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