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Book Review | Meows and Mistletoe: A Holiday Anthology (Cat’s Paw Cove) by @sbuchbinder et. al #holi

Title: Meows and Mistletoe: A Holiday Anthology (Cat’s Paw Cove)

Author: Sharon Buchbinder plus seven bestselling authors

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Holiday Romance

Book Blurb:

Eight holiday tales in the magical town of Cat’s Paw Cove, where anything can happen—and does!

CHARLOTTE REDBIRD: GHOST COACH by Sharon Buchbinder With the help of hunky real estate agent, Dylan Graham, life coach Charly Redbird and her new kitten have found the perfect home next to a cemetery. Charly gets a new client right away, who happens to be her neighbor—and a ghost. What could possibly go wrong?

FAMILIAR BLESSINGS by Candace Colt To repay an old man who brought him out of war's dark shadow, a former Army Ranger delivers a cryptic letter to a gifted medium in Cat's Paw Cove. If what the letter says is true, the reluctant medium and skeptical Ranger must travel back to 1720 to save a young boy from the gallows.

CHRISTMAS AT MOON MIST MANOR by Kerry Evelyn Lanie and Matt Saunders return to Cat's Paw Cove two years after their first disastrous Christmas there. When a mysterious kitten leads Matt back in time, can he right the wrongs of the past and give his expectant wife the perfect Christmas?

GNOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS by Kristal Hollis When an empath who’s failed at every relationship impulsively kisses an enchanted garden gnome, he magically turns into a real man. Together they must find his one true love and end the curse by Christmas or he’ll be forever alone and trapped within his stone prison.

RING MA BELL by Debra Jess In 1979, Michael Bell fell in love with high seas radio technician Dvorah Levi's voice as she guided him to safety, but their marriage was cut short by a bullet. Forty years later, Dvorah still mourns him. Can a special holiday and a magical Sherwood cat bring him back?

PURRFECTLY CHRISTMAS by Mia Ellas Faerie Sormey Johnson moved to Cat's Paw Cove to live a quiet life as a human until a sexy werewolf deputy needs her help tracking down a murderous monster. When Sormey offers herself as bait, the cost may be more than she bargained for.

COLLYWOBBLES FOR CHRISTMAS by Sue-Ellen Welfonder The fate of star-crossed lovers falls into the magical paws of a time-traveling kitten determined to right an ancient wrong and claim the greatest Christmas gift of all - love.

NEW YEAR’S KISS by Darcy Devlon In order to overcome a family curse, Griffin Brooks, the town's hotshot assistant fire chief, must earn his true love's trust. Trina Lancaster knows she can release Griffin's curse, but will her magical family baggage be a deal breaker?

My Review:

This review is for CHARLOTTE REDBIRD: GHOST COACH by Sharon Buchbinder.

After spending years building up her life coaching business in Chicago, Charly is blacklisted after she refuses to lie for a client. Jobless and in need of a fresh start, she travels down to her grandmother’s place in the small town of Cat’s Paw Cove, Florida. Her grandmother is living in a retirement community and the residents are… strange. Cats are everywhere and they seem to dominate the landscape. Which is odd, right? Not so much, as Charly is about to find out. With the help of sexy real estate agent Dylan Graham, Charly discovers she’s surrounded by supernatural beings, ghosts, empaths and more. One surprise after another has Charly not sure of anything anymore. Is she going crazy or has she finally found her calling?

I’m a huge paranormal romance reader and when I heard Sharon Buchbinder had a new release, I inhaled it. I connected with Charly right away. She’s going through a lot and in need of some guidance. Enter Charly’s outgoing, spunky grandmother. With humor, sage advice and a little mystery, she nudges Charly in the right direction. The romance between Charly and Dylan is so sweet. My heart swelled reading their attraction and falling in love. The scenes with the cats were pure magic and I loved every minute of it. When I reached the end, I pouted a little because I wanted to stay in Cat’s Paw Cove longer.

Blending cozy mystery, paranormal romance, cats, ghosts in a quaint small town, Meows and Mistletoe is a must-read. Perfect for the holidays!

Disclaimer: I received a copy from the author in the hopes I’d review it.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

After working in health care delivery for years, Sharon Buchbinder became an association executive, a health care researcher, and an academic in higher education. She had it all--a terrific, supportive husband, an amazing son and a wonderful job. But that itch to write (some call it an obsession) kept beckoning her to "come on back" to writing fiction. Thanks to the kindness of family, friends, critique partners, and beta readers, she is published in non-fiction, as well as contemporary, erotic, paranormal ,and romantic suspense. When not attempting to make students, colleagues, and babies laugh, she can be found herding cats, waiting on a large gray dog, fishing, dining with good friends, or writing.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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