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A Christmas Cannoli Kiss by Anne Armistead is a Snuggle Up Event pick #sweetromance #giveaway







Book Blurb:


When Isabella decides to move back home to Pittsburgh, she doesn't expect to meet her teen crush Nate on the flight home…or to find out that he has come back to turn the beloved neighborhood corner bakery into a parking deck. Can Isabella cook up a solution that will save the bakery and their romance in time for A Christmas Cannoli Kiss?




“Nate? Nate Elliot?”


“Yes?” He stared for an overlong moment. “Isabella Lorenzo? I can’t believe it. When I found out about this business trip, I hoped to see you again.”


“Did you?” Isabella’s pulse pounded. His cologne’s woodsy, musky scent distracted her. Her mind went blank, except for wishing she’d freshened her makeup with more care.


Nate extended the handle of her suitcase. “Quite a few years have passed since that summer. We were what, seventeen? Fifteen years ago. Wow.”


“Yes.” Her heart hiccupped over the memories of them hanging out at Fontana’s during the summer he lived with Angie and Sal, his mother’s uncle. He looked so cute in his apron, standing behind the bakery cases. He charmed all the customers and especially her, before he uncharmingly left without a word, never to be heard from again.


After that summer, Sal and Angie lost touch with both him and his mother. Isabella quit asking them about Nate because she could tell it upset the couple. When he learned of his trip to Pittsburgh, did he hope to see them again, too?


“Thanks again.” Isabella took hold of the suitcase handle. “Some selfish so-and-so wedged an oversized bag against mine.” She observed redness tingeing Nate’s ears and a sheepish look crossing his face. “Oh.” Her face flushed. “Don’t tell me.”


“Yup. I must confess.” Nate removed the larger suitcase from the bin. “I’m the so-and-so.”


“Oops.” Isabella scrunched her nose. “I called you selfish, didn’t I?”


“You did.” Nate grinned.


She nudged his bag with her toe. “Well, you really should’ve checked that monster, you know.”


Nate’s grin turned to a laugh.


His eyes crinkled at the edges, just as Isabella remembered.


Don’t fall for his charm. I am not seventeen anymore. Get off the plane and keep going.


The antsy seat partner stood, crowding against Isabella in the aisle.


Nate jutted his chin toward the woman.


Isabella rolled her eyes. She filed in line behind the lovebird couple to exit the plane.


Nate followed.


Her progress halted when her suitcase wobbled sideways. Isabella jerked on the bag, but it remained stuck. She heaved a sigh. “Dang it.”


Nate chuckled. “These roller bags have minds of their own. Let me help.” His hand covered Isabella’s.


Her breath caught at his touch. Did I imagine that spark? Did he feel it, also? That…zing?


Nate stooped and rotated the wheels. “There.” He straightened and removed his hand. His gaze locked onto hers, and he winked. “All systems go.”


“Oh. Yes. Thanks.” Isabella continued toward the exit, trying not to stumble over the sense of his closeness behind her.


“Do you still live here in Pittsburgh, Bella?”


At his use of her nickname, Isabella smiled.


“Or are you visiting your family for the holidays?”


A knot lodged in her throat. He doesn’t know about the car accident. The crew’s bidding goodbye allowed Isabella to skip answering Nate’s question.


The pretty, platinum-blonde flight attendant with a knock-out figure and large, doe-shaped brown eyes waved at Nate. “See you soon?”


“I’m looking forward to it, Nina.” He stepped aside, and the two engaged in playful repartee.

So, that’s how you carried on that bag of yours. Sweet teenaged Nate has grown into a player. I hadn’t imagined that possibility.


Isabella hurried through the cold jet bridge reeking of exhaust fumes and entered the crowded concourse. The strong, caramel-nutty-vanilla aromas from a coffee kiosk tempted her to stop for a latte and scone, but she resisted. She sped her pace toward ground transportation, intent on leaving the unnecessary calories far behind, along with Nate-the-Player. Her hurt feelings from the past were better left dormant.


“Bella, wait.”


Isabella swiveled to see Nate hurrying toward her.


“I lost you at the gate.” He fell into her stride. “I know the flight attendant, and we had to catch up.”


I can guess about what. 


Regardless of his involvement with “Nina, the flight attendant,” Isabella couldn’t help but return Nate’s alluring smile. You are still irresistible. Nothing changed there. 


“You never answered, Bella. Are you visiting, or do you still live here in the Bloomfield neighborhood?”


“Actually, I’m moving back from Miami.” Don’t talk about staying with Beth and Owen. He’ll wonder why I’m not staying with my folks. I can’t talk about my family tragedy while standing amidst strangers in the airport terminal.


“Hey, Nate.” A well-dressed older man waved him over.


Nate touched Isabella’s arm. “Sorry. I must speak with him.”


She halted, prepared to relegate Nate Elliot to the shuttered place in her heart where she’d kept him for fifteen years.


Nate offered his phone. “Could you give me your number? I’d love for us to spend some time together.”


She hesitated.


“Nate.” The man waved once more, this time with more emphasis.


Poor Nate. This guy must be a royal pain.


“Coming, Sam.” Nate retrieved a card from his messenger bag. “My number’s on there. Call me? I’m in town until Christmas Eve.”


Isabella took the card. She appreciated its heavy cardstock and embossed company name of DE Commercial Real Estate, New York City. Ole Nate must be doing well for himself, based on this spiffy business card.


She poked it into her handbag’s side pocket. “Good luck with your business, Nate. And, Merry Christmas.” A sadness encroaching into his brilliant blue eyes rattled her.


“Call me. Please? I owe you an explanation.” Without saying more, Nate hurried toward the older man.


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November is a time to be thankful. What are you most thankful for this year?


I have so much to be thankful for this year, but tops on my list is my new grandson, born on 9/21/23. He spent sixteen days in the NICU after his birth. For a few days, his survival was touch-and-go. But in answer to so many uplifted prayers, he made it through multiple health crises and is now home, healthy and growing bigger everyday!  His two-year-old big brother cannot wait for Santa to visit them both.


Why is your featured book worth snuggling up to?


Thanksgiving is our gateway into the Christmas season, and our minds and hearts turn to all that makes the holiday season special . . . including snuggling in front of a fire with a sweet romance. As one of the reviews for A CHRISTMAS CANNOLI KISS says, “It’s the best book for sinking into the couch with, plus a cup of cocoa.” Join Isabella as she reunites with dear friends and counts her many blessings, including a second chance with a past love.


Giveaway –


One lucky reader will win a $75 Amazon gift card



Open internationally.


Runs November 1 – 30


Drawing will be held on December 1.


Author Biography:


Anne Armistead earned her English literature degree from the University of Georgia and her MFA in Creative Writing from Spalding University and is a member of the Georgia Writers of Romance (GRW), Atlanta Writers Club (AWC), and Historical Novel Society (HNS).


The damaged hero wins her heart and the hearts of the heroines in Anne’s stories. Her novels include the historical paranormal Dangerous Conjurings and historical fiction With Kisses from Cecile. Her sweet contemporary romance is A Christmas Cannoli Kiss. Her time travel romance A TRYST IN PARIS, Book One of The Carousel Time Traveler series, introduces Mirabelle Montgomery as a time traveler in 1900 Paris and Jacques Thibaut, a dangerously sexy French rogue who steals her heart.  


When Anne’s not writing, she’s reading tales conjured by others and spoiling her two adorable grandsons. She also participates monthly in walks for charities she supports, watches BBC television, and serves on the advisory board for The Feeney Legacy Project, FLP, a non-profit advocating for bystanders to take immediate action when someone goes into cardiac arrest. Call 911 and start CPR. Be someone’s second chance. The power is in your hands.


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Nov 28, 2023

I’m grateful for my family, my cats, and authors!


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Nov 24, 2023

Thank you, Anne, for sharing your book in our Snuggle Up With These Books Readathon!

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