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A Matter of Manners by @TGrahamWriter is a New Year New Books Fete Pick #eroticromance #newrelease

Title: A Matter of Manners

Author: Terry Graham

Genre: Erotic Historical Romance

Book Blurb:

Jeremy Wyles believes himself sterile. He's also a sadist and fears no lady would agree to marry him. When a woman shows up on his doorstep, pregnant and claiming to be his wife, he'll do whatever is necessary to ensure his dukedom has an heir. A loveless marriage in name only seems the perfect solution, but his disobedient duchess stirs his desire for discipline...and something more.

Irish rebel Kathleen "Katy" Brennan only seeks recompense from the husband whose cousin married her by proxy and left her with child. The bargain he offers is tempting. He'll claim her baby as his own, and she can become the grand lady she's always imagined. There's just one condition she's not sure she can live with. The delicious-looking duke refuses to touch her...ever.

Can Jeremy put aside the wicked urges that rule his life, or will Katy's rebellious spirit destroy his tenuous control?


A marriage of convenience...or could it be more?

“Bollocks!” The expletive burst out, unbidden.

He had to stop using the word before it slipped out in the wrong setting.

At least it got her attention. Her moss-colored eyes widened, and her lips parted in surprise.

Another flicker of want paralyzed him.

“I should go.” With a grace that took his breath away, she rose and turned toward the door. This time, though, her feet inched forward.

“Stop!” Try as he might, it came out as a command.

She dropped into the chair, her porcelain skin fading to the pasty white color it had taken on when she vomited.

He raked his fingers through his hair. What was happening? Besides him losing control?

“You’ve done nothing wrong,” he explained. “It’s George I wish to thrash.”

To his surprise, she harrumphed in a very unladylike manner. “Might I watch?”

Her hand flew up and covered her mouth. Wide, emerald eyes with thick, long lashes stared at him, half horrified. Then she lifted her chin in defiance.

Damn, she was pretty. Dark cherries and clotted cream pretty.

Footsteps echoed from the hallway, drawing her attention, but Jeremy continued to stare. He didn’t care who entered. He wanted to ogle her for a few minutes.

“Speak of the devil,” her luscious lips muttered.

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It’s a brand-new year, full of possibilities Did you make any resolutions/goals for 2020? If so, please share one.

I’ve never been one for resolutions. All my life I set goals for myself. Now that I’ve retired I’m trying to live in the moment.

Why is your featured book a must-read in 2020?

A Matter of Manners sheds new light on issues that have existed through the ages. People with alternative sexual preferences and lifestyles, just like those of different skin types, nationalities, or religious beliefs, were often not acknowledged or were considered illegal, immoral or even dangerous. My story offers a glimpse of how some of these choices might occur in people who are no different than you or me and suggests that they too are worthy of love.


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Enter to win a $50 Amazon (US) or Barnes and Noble Gift Card

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Open internationally.

Runs January 1 – 31, 2020.

Drawing will be held on February 1, 2020.

Author Biography:

Terry Graham has been imagining love stories since she began playing with Barbie and Ken. In high school, she read Barbara Cartland along with Dickens, Austen, Asimov and everything else the local library let her borrow. After two careers; as a chemist and a computer programmer, she retired and vowed to fulfill her dream of writing romance novels.

Terry’s first break arrived in 2018, when she won the Wisconsin RWA FabFive contest in the historical category. The next year she decided to give traditional publishing one last shot and submitted the same manuscript, A Matter of Manners, to three small publishing houses. To her delight, Wild Rose Press contracted to give it birth.

Terry lives in upstate New York, with her cat Amber, who chases bugs while she writes, reads, gardens, and cooks. She loves to travel, both physically and in her mind, and continues to learn about the wonder of life. Her own happily-ever-after still eludes her, but she did have a happy-for-a-while that blessed her with a geeky, kind-hearted son.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jan 27, 2020

Thank you, Terry, for participating in our New Year New Books Fete. Happy New Year!

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