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New Release | A Smuggler’s Last Song by @EllisSummers5 #romanticsuspense #suspense #newrelease #ku

Title – A Smuggler’s Last Song

Author - Ellis Summers

Genre – Romantic Suspense, Suspense

Book Blurb –

Music is Emma Grant's world. Smuggling, blackmail, and murder are her family's. Emma has a deep love of music and has reached international acclaim for her sound engineering. She has the opportunity of a lifetime knocking on her door. A chance to inherit the 100-year-old recording studio owned by her family. But nothing good has ever reached her without a catch. Her grandfather Richard offers her a deal that will change her life forever. After she runs the studio for half a decade, she will have to join Richard’s ‘private business’ for several months. Richard is a man who has the city at his fingertips. His uncanny aura as a flourishing tycoon has everyone’s attention. But what remains a mystery is the criminal activities he conceals under the disguise of being a reputable businessman. Emma quickly agrees to Richard's offer, but after five years, times change, and so do her priorities. At 29, Emma unlocks her potential as an audio engineer, rewarded with all the success in the world. With her life dedicated to her music passion, she has little interest in joining Richard’s secret criminal empire - even for several months. Given her dedication to work and juggling her relationship with a handsome rock star, Emma ignores her grandfather’s demands. Emma’s impulsive and naïve decision pushes her into a world with no happy endings. Her refusal to give in pushes Richard to deploy his plan, threatening her loved ones. With no means to escape, Emma gives in, joining the infamous syndicate run by her grandfather. An organization that is all about jewel smuggling, murder, and crimes. What follows is a suspenseful tale that will take you through the darkness of blackmailing and kidnapping. With unexpected twists and turns, Ellis Summer brilliantly weaves a story immersing the reader in Emma Grant's world, and her struggle to free herself from her grandfather's chains. A Smuggler’s Last Song is a fast-paced, compelling thriller. With murder, mystery, family, and betrayal, this book has everything you can ask for. Plus a little fun and romance.


Sitting on a velvet seat in the auditorium, I cringed when my grandfather slid into the empty one next to mine and gripped my arm. My boyfriend Cameron sat on my left and didn't look our way. He was focused on the rock band playing on the stage. When the song ended and the musicians took their bows, my grandfather released his commanding grip, and Cameron slid his fingers from mine. One man would never hurt me. -the other, my grandfather, wouldn't throw me a life ring if I were drowning.

We applauded along with the rest of the audience attending the low-key award ceremony.

Cam turned to me, pushed thick strands of blond hair from his face, and lowered his voice while nodding toward my grandfather. “Who's that bloke sitting next to you?”

“Well, Cam,” I said in a loud voice, “It appears my grandfather Richard has decided to join us.”

—Grandfather introduced himself, and Cam shook hands vigorously with him. Cam was like so many others q clearly in awe to be in the fabled music producer's presence. Richard's eloquence and polish never disappointed his fans. With a fake smile, I pretended my grandfather was the coolest guy alive.

The lights in the auditorium came up, signaling the start of an intermission. We remained seated, and I nodded to several people from the recording industry strolling by our front row seats. I dared not look at Richard.

He renewed his death grip on my wrist, digging into my skin for a lasting reminder of the upcoming conversation. -the pleasantries were over, and as his current object of affection, I wanted nothing more than to escape.

Cam’s attention switched to me. “Are you excited about our trip tomorrow? Why won't you tell me where we're going?” I asked, happy to have a distraction.

“It's a surprise.” He kissed my cheek. ”I have got something important to ask.”

His words didn't register at first, but when they did, I found it hard to breathe. We'd been together for three years. Did he want to move our relationship to the next level? He turned to Richard. “Honor to meet you.” He pressed a kiss to my forehead and rose. “My band's up next.”

“Sure. See you after.” Cam took off and prickles tingled my arms. I wanted to join him, not be left alone with Richard.

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Author Biography

I’m an author specializing in novels about fun characters with unusual lives going through dramatic situations.

My stories have high stakes, twists and turns, along with a touch of romance and humor.

I live along the California coast, enjoying daily walks on the beach and discovering the gardens hidden away in town. Visit my blog for glimpses of these beautiful, peaceful places.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
23 nov. 2022

Thank you, Ellis, for sharing your new release with us!

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