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A Soldier for Suzie by @dehaggerty is a BHW pick #romcom #militaryromance #giveaway #newrelease

Title: A Soldier for Suzie

Author: D.E. Haggerty

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance, Military Romance, Friends to Lovers Romance

Book Blurb:

A soldier with a secret and a nosy woman determined to ferret out the truth. Surely, nothing could go wrong.

I’m the klutzy, happy-go-lucky girl everyone loves.

Except, I’m not. I’m not anywhere close to being happy. Oh sure, I force a big smile on my face and act all goofy. But it’s just that. An act.

And then Grayson walks into my life. Suddenly, those smiles start to feel real. Only Grayson has demons of his own. He’s a soldier returning from war and he’s got the scars to prove it.

Maybe not all men are the scum of the earth. Grayson certainly isn’t. Maybe I can give him a chance. Maybe I can erase his scars.

And maybe, as my best girl always says, Love will OUT.

Assuming I don’t screw it all up first.


“You Cheat, We Eat, Suzie speaking. How can we make your life better today?” I answer the phone with a cheery voice despite feeling nowhere near cheery.

“Um… my husband’s cheating on me,” whispers the voice on the telephone.

Lucky for her. Cheating husbands is our specialty. “We are here to help, Mrs. …”

“Tyler,” she fills in.

“Mrs. Tyler, can you tell me why you think your husband is cheating?”

After some hiccups by clients who were – to put it mildly – bat shit crazy, my partner Hailey insists I get details before scheduling an appointment with a prospective client for our PI business. In my defense, how could I have possibly known there are cat owners in this world who want to approve their cats’ lovers? Or people who think a dentist can put a listening device in their crown?

“You see…” she trails off.

This is where my past comes in handy. I know exactly how she’s feeling, because – in my unfortunate experience – men are the scum of the earth.

“Take a deep breath, Mrs. Tyler.” I hear her inhale. “And let it out slowly. There you go,” I coax. “Now, tell me what Mr. Tyler did.”

She clears her throat. “It’s like this. I was snooping through his things before Christmas because I don’t like surprises.” She’s preaching to the choir. Surprises suck.

“And I found this gorgeous necklace. It was a chunky gold chain with a heart pendant. The pendant even had a ruby in it.”

“Sounds nice,” I murmur when she goes quiet.

“Yes, it was lovely. I was very excited. My husband never buys me jewelry. I couldn’t wait until Christmas day. Imagine my surprise when I got some stupid CDs instead. He must have given the necklace to some other women!” she screeches, and I hold the telephone away from my ear. Ouch. “I bet it was his secretary. She’s this pretty young twenty-something while I’m the frumpy mother of his children.”

I wait until she runs out of steam to ask, “Mrs. Tyler, you do realize you’ve told me the plot to Love, Actually?”

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I’m one of the authors participating in the Be Mine Bookish Giveaway and you can win an e-copy of A Soldier for Suzie.

Runs February 1 - 28 and is open internationally for most prizes.

Winners will be drawn on March 1, 2021.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Feb 10, 2021

Thank you, D.E., for sharing your new release with us!


Unknown member
Feb 10, 2021

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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