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5 stars for Abaddon Rising by @PLParker #scifiromance #scifi #romance #bookreview

Title: Abaddon Rising

Author: P.L. Parker

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Book Blurb:

One of a million statistics in the intergalactic war, Jocelyn St. Germaine is captured, sold as a slave and then forced to fight in the Deg’Nara gladiator games. She’s slated to lose when Kanaan, the most feared warrior of all, claims her as his own. With his help, Joss’s chances of survival increase, but is it enough? Kanaan filled his lungs and roared, head thrown back as he issued the challenge.

“She belongs to me! I claim her!”

From behind him, he caught the female’s startled gasp.

My Review:

When Jocelyn St. Germaine is captured and enslaved, she never thought she’d be fighting as a gladiator. She’ll do anything to stay alive, though, so she accepts her fate. But when the odds are stacked against her and fearless warrior Kanaan claims her as his own, Joss wonders if she’s just jumped from one cage to another. Kanaan promises many things but none of them include love. As Joss and Kanaan fight to survive together, they form a bond so strong, nothing can break it. Can Joss trust him and their newfound love or is it all part of the Deg’Nara’s games?

Abaddon Rising is an intense science fiction romance even Nero would applaud. The backdrop is gladiator (fight to the death) survival games which set the tone for the story. The descriptive narration is spot on and allows the reader to experience everything Joss and Kanaan go through. The plot is heavy on action and steamy romance. P.L. Parker knows how to write science fiction romance I enjoyed every minute of Abaddon Rising. Suzanne Collins fans will cheer upon reading this book. If you’re looking for a strong female warrior who finds romance where she least expects it, you’ll love Abaddon Rising. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

I write stories with alpha males and strong, determined women. I am a dreamer, an avid reader of fiction, a sometimes gardener and an inept crafter. I live in Idaho. I have a husband, three sons, two daughters-in-law, a granddaughter and new little grandson. Over the years, I taught dance but as time passed, I decided to try my hand at a new endeavor - writing. I enjoy life and all its promises.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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P.L. Parker
P.L. Parker
Nov 23, 2020

Thank you, Mrs. N, for the wonderful review!

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