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5 stars for All Cowboy and Bodyguard by @RLCarver #westernromance #romance #newrelease #bookreview

Title: All Cowboy and Bodyguard

Author: Rhonda Lee Carver

Genre: Contemporary Western Romance

Book Blurb:

Blue Dawson has been in love with Maggie March for as long as he can remember. When her father is arrested and asks Blue to watch over her and the farm, he jumps at the opportunity. Maybe he can finally confess his feelings to her.

The only way Maggie can save her father is to hire the best attorney, but her savings is depleted, and the farm is in trouble. She sees a chance in raising the funds, while keeping her father’s predicament a secret from the townsfolk of Dove Grey. However, she needs a dance partner. She thinks she has found the perfect match…

Blue isn’t a dancer. He actually hates dancing, but he’s made a promise and now he’s stuck. When things start to heat up, on and off the dance floor, he’ll do just about anything to keep the music playing. How will he transition from protector to boyfriend material? Or will he always be in the friend zone?

Maggie might have a few secrets that’ll turn Blue inside out, but nothing ever comes easy, especially not in Dove Grey.

My Review:

Blue vowed to Maggie’s father to protect her, but he’s not so sure he’s up to trading in his cowboy boots for dancing shoes. Blue Dawson loves Maggie from afar, for several years. When her father is arrested, he asks Blue to watch over her. Blue agrees but he thinks he’s in over his head when Maggie asks him to do the unthinkable: be her dancing partner. He reluctantly agrees but soon things start heating up between them, both on and off the dance floor. Can Blue go from bodyguard to lover without bouncing back into the friend zone? He’s all in but what about Maggie?

All Cowboy and Bodyguard is a western romance full of fun including dancing and sexy times. A woman trying to raise money for her father in jail, a man desperate to help her, and a dancing competition. Sounds like a recipe for a rollicking good time. Rhonda Lee Carver is a bestseller who knows how to write western romances. In this story, she adds a new element: dancing. It’s a mashup of some of my favorite tropes with a huge helping of romance. I connected with Blue right away. He’s such a cinnamon roll hero, I just wanted to squeeze him tight. Maggie’s a prickly heroine at first but once you get to know her, she’s wonderful. The premise is a new one for me, but I loved reading every minute of it. The simmering tension between Blue and Maggie is hawt and so yummy. It takes them awhile to get into the groove but once they did, wowza. I really enjoyed the depth of feeling this couple had. I got emotionally invested in them real quick. The descriptive narration took my breath away. I felt and experienced everything. All Cowboy and Bodyguard is a western romance you don’t want to miss. Even though it’s part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. Fans of those dancing competitions on television will adore this book. Need an escape from life? Grab All Cowboy and Bodyguard and enjoy! Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Rhonda Lee Carver is a bestselling author of contemporary western and romantic suspense, but she loves to write other genres too. She's known for writing stories that keep readers laughing, crying, gripping the edge of their seats, and screaming all in one riding a virtual roller coaster. Whether she's creating sexy cowboys or tough guys, or sassy, independent heroines, readers are sure to find strong, powerful, memorable characters that are relatable.

By day, she taps into her creative, fictional world but at some point she transitions back into reality where she's a volleyball-stands cheerleader, homework virtuoso (at least she thinks so), amateur nurse to skinned knees, mediocre chef with some awesome microwave skills, pet-guru (all the strays show up at her house), and a Jackie of all trades for her kids who are the loves of her life. Yoga and chocolate keep her sane. Hallmark movies require cuddling up with tissues because she can be emotional. She adds a sprinkle of her own real-life adventures in each story she spins because a little truth never hurt anyone. She wouldn't give up one thing in her crazy, chaotic, ever-amusing life, except, she might do magic tricks for the bungalow on the beach she's had her eye on (GOALS).

Writing for Rhonda is like falling in love and finding a new best friend over and over again. Her characters will find a place inside your heart too.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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