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New Release | An Embarrassment of Itches by @McKennaDeanFic #cozymystery #petlovers #bookboost

Title: An Embarrassment of Itches

Author: M.K. Dean

Genre: Cozy Mystery, Cozy Pet Lovers Mystery

Publisher: Redclaw Publishing

Book Blurb:

As a house-call vet, Ginny Reese has seen her share of the weird and wacky. But nothing in her previous experience could have prepared her to find one of her clients floating in her own swimming pool. Local artist Amanda Kelly was extremely wealthy with her share of secrets. By naming Ginny as her heir, not only did she make Ginny the number one suspect, but she painted a big bull's eye on her friend's back as well. With her trusty German Shepherd at her side, it's up to Ginny to find the real killer and prove her innocence to the sheriff. The new sheriff. Who happens to be her ex. Piece of cake, right?


“Prove what?” Derek leaned back in his seat and rested his elbow on the back of the chair. “That I’m her husband? Yeah, I thought you might want to see the certificate.” He pulled a folded document out of an inner pocket of the bomber jacket.

Brad made to snatch it away, but Derek whipped it out of reach and held it open. “Look but don’t touch.”

He positively gloated as both Brad and Laney craned forward to examine the unfolded certificate.

Brad made a noise of disgust and slammed back into his own seat. “That means nothing. So, you got married. There’s nothing to say you’re still married. You could have gotten divorced.”

“She didn’t divorce me.” The statement was delivered in a cold, flat tone that raised the hair on the back of my neck.

“Yeah, well we’ll see about that.” Brad pushed his hand through his hair angrily in a gesture that screamed his uncertainty.

Derek’s smug smile returned; there wouldn’t be any record for a divorce filing.

“Suit yourself.” Derek shrugged with a curve of his upper lip. “No matter what you think, I’m the legal heir.” He shot a malevolent glance at Laney. “Which means you can both stop panting over her crappy drawings. They’re mine, not yours.”

“If her work is so crappy, why do you care what happens to it?” I broke off a piece of cookie and popped it into my mouth.

Derek’s eyes went hard and still, like chips of flint. A wave of hostility emanated from him. If Brad had made me uncomfortable earlier in the evening, Derek triggered all my alarm bells.

“I’d lay off the cookies if I were you, sister.” Derek’s smile was toothy as he patted his stomach. He let that sink in a moment before adding, “Who the hell are you anyway?”

“I’m the vet.” Somehow my mouth kept running even after I should have shut up. “You know, the one skilled in castration and euthanasia.”

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Author Biography:

M.K. Dean is the new pen name of award-winning author McKenna Dean as she delves into the world of cozy mysteries. Ms. Dean lives with her family on a small farm in North Carolina, that she shares with dogs, cats, and various livestock. She likes putting her characters in hot water to see how strong they are. Like teabags, only sexier.

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