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Anne Armistead is the award-winning author of love stories set in the past and present. She earned her English literature degree from the University of Georgia and her MFA in Creative Writing from Spalding University. Anne is a member of the Georgia Writers of Romance (GRW), Atlanta Writers Club (AWC), and Historical Novel Society (HNS). The damaged hero wins her heart and the hearts of the heroines in her stories. She writes in multiple romance genres including historical, historical paranormal, time travel, and sweet contemporary.


Anne's novels include the historical paranormal romance Dangerous Conjurings and the historical romance With Kisses from Cécile (winner of the 2020 Georgia Independent Author of the Year in Historical Fiction). She has written a sweet contemporary romance, A Christmas Cannoli Kiss. Her recent release is A Tryst in Paris, Book One of The Carousel Time Traveler historical-fantasy romance series, which introduces Mirabelle Montgomery as a time traveler in 1900 Paris and Jacques Thibaut, a dangerously sexy French rogue who steals her heart. Her work-in-progress is a  contemporary, tiny-bit-spicy, Christmas romance entitled Mistletoe to the Rescue.


Georgia-born-and-raised, Anne shares a “house divided” with her husband of over four decades, a Jersey boy who unfortunately graduated from Georgia Tech. They raised two beautiful daughters and now, without apology, are spoiling their two grandsons. When not reading or writing, Anne enjoys babysitting grandsons and grand dogs, walking, traveling, keeping up with family, friends, and fans through social media, and watching BBC television.


Learn more about Anne at her website where you can sign up for her newsletter and find her social media links. She'd appreciate any follows, likes, and shares as well as book reviews!


Contact Anne directly at to ask questions, invite her to book clubs, or just say hello!



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Author Anne Armistead

Genre Time Travel Romance

Publisher Soul Mate Publishing


Book Blurb


When Mirabelle Montgomery visits the Luxembourg Carousel in Paris, a mysterious time shifter sweeps her into the Carousel’s time travel vortex and transports her to 1900 Paris. Her return will be allowed once she completes her mission to restore a man’s fate gone wrong. But whose? Upon meeting dangerously sexy Jacques Thibaut, Mirabelle believes she has found her man. His life’s purpose as a stellar police detective has been derailed by accusations of his plotting with anarchists to overthrow the French government. If she proves Jacques to be innocent, his life will be reset to its rightful providence. He will win back his job and those who once believed in him, including the woman he planned to marry. Mirabelle’s determination to complete her mission kindles passion between them. But their falling in love will jeopardize everything, for his true destiny does not include her. Besides, even if her heart desires, she cannot remain in 1900 Paris . . . can she?




Jacques charged through the door and gripped Mira’s wrist tightly.


Instinctively, she flew into a Jujitsu move her ex taught her. She rotated her wrist clockwise in his grip, so her palm pointed toward her face. She forcefully thrust her hand onto Jacques’, and his hand flew from her. Her move worked like a charm, except Jacques’ muscular frame blocked the door.


“She beat you, Jaco.” Bernadette burst into nervous laughter. “Mirabelle, do all American women know how to fight? Or only you, a mysterious woman, who suddenly appeared in my path?”


She snapped her fingers in the air. “You were not there, and then you were. A magic trick. Poof. In a disoriented state, may I add. You appeared to have been pushed into the wringer.”


“Gone through the wringer.” Mira whispered the correction, thinking how accurate of a description.


“Mlle, you have nothing to fear from us.” Jacques stepped toward her.


Mira surrendered the brush to him. Her face heated at the memory of collapsing into his arms.


He tossed the brush onto the bed, leaned against the doorframe, and crossed his arms. “Bernadette describes you correctly. You are mysterious.” He slowly flicked his eyes over her.


His lascivious attention reminded her of the nightgown’s transparency and of his insulting innuendos when they first met.


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 26

Thank you, Anne, for sharing your writing journey and book!

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