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5 stars for Bella Cigna (Foreign Endearments Book 1) by @Wendi_Dass1 #romance #bookreview #wrpbks

Title: Bella Cigna (Foreign Endearments Book 1)

Author: Wendi Dass

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

Devastated by personal loss, Sarah Flynn escapes to Rome where she finds a job teaching English. Only the girls’ school is like a nunnery and she’s expected to speak fluent Italian overnight. What has she gotten herself into? While the beautiful sights rekindle her interest in art, not even her brush finding canvas can heal all the wounds she carries. She'll need the help of a meddling nun, a nutty mathematician, and a handsome Italian admirer. Can Sarah overcome the insecurities born of a shattered marriage? Will she again take a chance on love?

My Review:

Reeling from betrayal and the break-up of her marriage, Sarah Flynn escapes to Rome, Italy. She gets a job teaching English at an all-girls school but soon discovers it is more like a nunnery. The nuns expect her to speak fluent Italian... what has she gotten herself into? She feasts on the art, scenery, and Italian lifestyle while trying to heal from her wounds. It's not as easy as she imagined it would be. Can she open her heart to all that life can bring, even a new love or will she let her fears keep her from la bella vita (the good life)?

Bella Cigna is a fantastic story about taking risks, traveling to a foreign country and discovering the good life. Wendi Dass takes the reader on a romantic adventure through intensive descriptive narration. It's like I was right there in Italy, which fed my artistic soul. The characters were so well-drawn, I liked them immensely. My favorite has to be Sister Maria. Ex-pats will love this story as will romance readers. I was shocked, however, by the attempted rape scene. It wasn't necessary to the overall story. If you love traveling and looking for an escape to Italy, pick up Bella Cigna today. Fans of Eat, Pray Love will love Bella Cigna. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Wendi Dass is a Professor of Mathematics as well as a writer. Her interests lie in short literary fiction and novel-length women’s fiction.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

1 Comment

Barbara Bettis
Oct 01, 2020

The story sounds inviting--and the great review cinched it. If it means feeling like the reader is right there in Italy, I must read the book :) I've longed to visit Italy for a very long time Best of luck with your book!

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