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Blue Lady by Bestseller @StephanyTullis is a BHW pick #womensfiction #ownvoices #freebie


Author: Stephany Tullis

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Book Blurb:

Angelica Mason is No Joke. Her Motto, My Way or the Highway. You can take me or leave me she says but she’s more than sure you will take her. No longer satisfied with her high-power job in Washington DC, she returns home to Smoothville, Georgia looking for love. Specifically, the love of her life, the high school sweetheart she ditched when she went away to college. Angelica is surprised when she discovers she loves her Smoothville Georgia City Manager position. She’s not a bit surprised, however, when she crosses paths with Shawn Mallory, her ex.. But the old Shawnee has a new look. And a new attitude. What happened to the man she planned to marry?



The Angelica Mason Series

Short Story Prequel

Angelica, the Master Planner had a plan.

Goal: Marry Shawn M. Mallory and live happily ever after.

Objective: To get Shawn to propose.

Task/Activities: See, talk to, eat, sleep and dream of Shawn Mallory.

Timeline: Every day. All day. And anything in between!

The plan was so simple.

She loved Shawn.

Shawn loved her.

How could it fail?

Thirteen months later…

When Angelica's secretary buzzed her 20 minutes before the start of her meeting with her boss, Mayor Luke Evans, she almost choked on her response to Sierra's question.

"Where should I send Mr. Mallory--the conference room or your office?”

"Aahmm, send him in...Ughhhh, yes, send him in. Here. My office. But give me a minute, please."

Shawn Mallory was not expected at this morning’s meeting. As Smoothville City Manager, she followed Luke's instructions and prepared the agenda for today's session: expected attendees-- the mayor, of course; Jocelyn Lopez, Deputy Mayor; Selena Jones, Executive Director of SCDC (the Smoothville City Development Corporation); Big Willy aka Chester Kennedy, Luke's ex-campaign manager but now his man Friday.

She had not seen or talked to Shawn in three months...since the mayor's Christmas party.

O-M-G! Oh, friggin' gosh. What the heck?

She snatched her cosmetic bag from her desk drawer—tucked away for emergency damage control needs such as this. She unzipped the bag and took one look in the mirror. Stop. She speed-buzzed her secretary.

"Sierra, I need five. Minutes. Hold him there for five minutes, okay?"

"Sure Angie, no problem. Is something wrong?"

"Uh, Uh, Oooo no!" Girl you sound like Beyoncé when she sang with Destiny's Child.

"Everything's fine. I just...just need a few more minutes."

One thought led to another: why was she now thinking about Beyoncé´ and her warning 'you shoulda' put a ring on it'.

Another glance in her mirror assured her she needed no less than 10. Beyonce´'s melodies and Angelica's reminiscing already cost her two.


"Sierra, sorry, make that 10. Minutes that is. And thanks."

She turned back to her mirror; less than two inches from her face and shook her head. Insufficient prep time but if she were to be real--as real as the image in the mirror--no amount of preening, pursing, pushing and pulling could prepare for this one-on-one private exchange.

Does he like my new look? Of course not---he hasn't seen it yet.

In her haste to freshen up, she forgot Shawn had not seen her new 'do'.

Well my pantsuit is stilettos are stack! But he loved me in short, flouncy dresses. Darn, he won't be able to see my legs. I refuse to cry.

Warm tears rolled down her cheeks threatening to ruin her makeup.

Stop it! Her thoughts ignored her privatized threats.

You now have five minutes!

Excited now; she welcomed and wasn't the least bit perturbed by the familiar rap on the door.

Tat, tat ta tat tat--tat tat!

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Author Biography

Stephany Tullis is the USA Today and Amazon bestselling author of character-driven edgy inspirational fiction including The Master’s Plan, A Novel, her What Love Can Do, Angelica Mason and Chandler County Series. Stephany grew up in upstate New York fell in love with books after his first trip to the local library; influenced by her mother who was an avid reader!

Her motto, 'writing with purpose', reflects her intent to have her stories not only entertain readers but to inspire and uplift their spirits. Her readers write: " As is the norm with this author, she has a firm grasp on human nature and what makes them (people) tick.

Stephany currently lives in Metro Atlanta and has an extensive public service and not for profit business management background.

Stephany is energized by the sun, thrives on music (all genres) and is inspired by the serenity of the ocean. She loves to travel and summer is her season. Beach-based outdoor music festivals allow her to creatively combine these interests.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
May 26, 2021

Thank you, Stephany, for sharing your book in our Book Heaven Wednesday program! It sounds soooo good!

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