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5 stars for Bombora by Paul Drewitt #comingofage #fiction #bookreview #australia #newrelease

Title: Bombora

Author: Paul Drewitt

Genre: Coming of Age, Fiction

Book Blurb:

There are days when I sit alone watching the Bombora break at high tide, sitting motionless on a windswept sand dune with the seagulls that flock towards me. I humour them by throwing sticks with a quick flick of the wrist, watching them reduce in number as they slowly determine my worth. But it’s the groper holes that draw me in towards the late afternoon. There’s a big one a few hundred metres south of the point, and when a monster wave hits the underbelly of the cliffs, there’s an ominous lull before it sucks and gurgles, devouring kelp, sea foam and small fish down its black guts. I lay down with my head just above the opening and stick my hand inside to feel the power of its draw, breathing the toxic vapour as if it was my salvation. I slipped a couple of times when a wave broke over the top of me and I lost my hold on the jagged rock. Once I actually fell into the water, right in the middle of an ominous lull. Timed it perfectly. I knew then that life is all planned out, scripted to a certain point by the powers that be, the ones that hide in the stars and push all the right buttons. It takes the fear out of the event, the big day when I’ll break on through to the other side, when I feel the slimy black edges of that groper hole, and push forward until the darkness becomes a permanent fixture.

My Review:

A coming of age tour de force. This is a story that goes beyond the water and the ocean and truly reaches for the highest place. This is a story of a boy who decided to not be defined by what life offered him. He would strive for greatness in his areas of interest.

This wanting to be more than what life originally offered is a laudable theme. In this book you will also learn some interesting Australian words since it is set under Southern Skies. I am happy that the word Mick seems to mean total loser.

There are some intense scenes of physically challenging actions. This can keep a reader riveted to their seat. The book seems to start as one about Aussie firemen and that would be a great book in itself. The tale of how a young man got there is one that will appeal to anyone with an affinity to the ocean. This is a book about the ocean as much as a book about people. If you are fan of cutting edge coming of age books, then this is for you.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Paul Drewitt is an Australian-based writer of poetry, short stories and crime fiction novels. His work is known as being creative and forthright, always telling a worthwhile story that engages the senses and tweaks the mind. Paul does his best writing on the beach, in a library and at home in sunny Darwin, Australia. When he isn’t reading or writing, he’s probably playing chess, watching Seinfeld or planning that perfect lesson to teach his high school class. He is a proud Senior Teacher who mentors others to achieve their life long goals; an occupation like no other in the world. Paul lives in the Northern Territory of Australia with his partner and three children, a medium-sized dog and a black cat.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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