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Book Review | Fear Darkness by @ccbolick #urbanfantasy #yalit #bookreview

Title: Fear Darkness (The Fear Chronicles #3)

Author: C.C. Bolick

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Book Blurb:

Rena Mason found fear and learned to control her powers. Now she plans to fight her way back inside the agency. Before she can save Travis, she learns he's disappeared. Travis isn't the only one missing; her dad and brother have been taken by Louis. Travis Payne spent years searching for his dad. Now his first priority is keeping Rena safe. When Travis wakes up on the other side of the galaxy, he knows he can't protect her. The only way for him to return is by helping a traitor he fears - if he can afford the price. Aliens aren't the only danger the agency faces. As Rena prepares to take down everyone who betrayed her, the only thing left to fear is the darkness her mama knows well...

My Review:

Rena refuses to let the agency control her anymore. She escapes the confines of the agency and is on the run. She expects agents in black cars at every turn but no one is after her. Thinking clearly, she vows to save Travis and comes up with a plan to rescue him. But word gets back to her Louis has taken captive her dad and brother. Throwing caution to the wind, she makes a pact with an enemy, one she’ll soon regret. Can she save them in time? Events are in motion for the destruction of both Earth and Golvern. Can Rena team up with her ghostly mama to stop it or will she let her fear of the darkness overtake her emotions?

Fear Darkness is the third book in The Fear Chronicles and let me tell you, it’s the best in the series. Picking up where Fear Power left off, the action, suspense and drama continue with a fast-paced plot full of characters. We discover a lot of what’s really going on at the agency and also on the planet Golvern. Lies and treachery run rampant told through the POV’s of both Rena and Travis. Emotional narration connected me with several of the characters and I found myself even caring for the antagonists. The plot moves at a fast pace with plenty of action to make my heart leap in my throat. The ending shocked me to the core, and I wonder how this series will end. I can’t say much more as I don’t want to reveal spoilers but take my word for it, you want to read this book.

Yes, it can be read as a standalone as the author fills in the gaps but I recommend reading Fear Justice and Fear Power first.

If you’re a fan of alien science fiction with heart-wrenching characters and action, you have to read Fear Darkness. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

An engineer by day and author by night, C.C. loves to mix teenage drama with her favorite genres—sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal. If you enjoy page-turning drama, family secrets, epic love stories, and a special power or two, her books might be for you. Readers who enjoy stories set in the same universe should start with the Leftover Girl books. These books are a mix of soft sci-fi and fantasy. Next is The Agency series which has a paranormal/thriller story and then The Fear Chronicles which is urban fantasy. Although each series builds on the last, these books were written so that readers can start with Run Don't Think or Fear Justice and enjoy that series without reading the previous books. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter @ccbolick Visit for updates on future releases. Sign up to get a free copy of Heart of a Traitor. Leftover Girl Series (Jes and Pade): Leftover Girl Secrets Return Prison of Lies Illusion of Truth Fate of War The Agency Series (Angel and Skip): Run Don't Think Love Don't Wait Fight Don't Fear Heart of a Traitor (A Leftover Girl/Agency Novel) The Fear Chronicles (Rena and Travis): Fear Justice Fear Power Fear Darkness Fear Tomorrow (April 2020)

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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C.C. Bolick
C.C. Bolick
13 févr. 2020

Thanks for the review, Mrs. N! Glad you enjoyed Fear Darkness.

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