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5 stars for Brandy by Christine Davies #historicalromance #bookreview #romance #regencyromance #bookrec

Title: Brandy

Author: Christine Davies

Genre: Historical Romance


Book Blurb:


Brandy Drummond’s life depends on finding her missing brother, and she will use any means available to overcome this adversity. Thrown together with the one man who can help her succeed, she must endure his arrogance and suspicion. Added to her frustration, she finds herself struggling with unfamiliar feelings while fighting her growing attraction to him.


Chandler Townsend, the cynical Duke of Marbury, agrees to help but needs to determine if she is England’s friend or foe.  Fighting demons from his past, he doesn’t trust Brandy, but he wants her.  Is she cut from the same cloth as his mother?  Is she in league with her suitor?


To save each other, and find love, Brandy and Chandler must overcome obstacles both real and imagined.


My Review:


Reeling from the sudden death of her father and a hidden family secret, Brandy enlists the help of Chandler, the man who riles her and ignites her passion. Can Brandy and Chandler overcome the challenges thrown at them to find their happily ever after? Brandy is a sweeping historical romance with characters that leap off the page, historical accuracy, and a couple of twists I didn’t see coming. This is Christine Davies’ debut novel, and it is written with an expert pen. Fans of Erica Ridley will love Brandy.


Let’s start with the characters. Brandy is our heroine, and she is a feisty one. She’s got an independent streak which I admire. Most young ladies in this era are taught to keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves. Brandy is a delight, with her ingenuity in making the most out of a terrible situation. She’s full of passion, as Chandler soon discovers. I connected with Brandy in so many ways. I wish there were more heroines like Brandy.


Chandler is a gentleman who has some dark secrets. He’s a daring hero risking life and limb for his country. He’s a bit of a rake in the beginning but the more I read, the more I liked him. He’s got some issues to work through and poor Brandy bears the brunt of it. Some readers might call him callous but it’s this part of his personality which makes him a flawed hero.


The descriptive narration and setting are both historically accurate and immersive. I had not read but a few pages and I was hooked. Each scene is filled with historical detail and emotional narration. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down.


If you’re like me and want to be swept away, you’ll want to read Brandy. Christine Davies is a new up and coming historical romance author you’ll want to read. I can’t wait for the next book she writes.


My Rating: 5 stars


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Author Biography:


Christine has a passion for love stories. When not weaving romance and mystery to create her own, she enjoys floral film photography, watching classic movies, and chocolate. She resides in Virginia with her dog, Apache.


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Reviewed by: Nancy

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