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5 stars for Burned Bridges Lead To Better Roads by Shari L. Sanahi #selfhelp #survivor #bookreview

Title: Burned Bridges Lead To Better Roads: A Survivor's Method To Risk-Taking Through Radical Change

Author: Shari L. Sanahi

Genre: Self-Help

Book Blurb:

This book was birthed to assist those who may need my assistance despite previous life experience. I guarantee it is very likely you know someone with the same dilemmas as me if you can relate to me or not. For instance, you may be a man or woman who wants to understand his/her partner on a deeper level, or you’re the friend or family member of someone who experienced the same complications I have.

The term survivor, as specified in the title, is universal. I believe we are all survivors in some way, shape, or form, and can continue to learn the tools and resources needed to wear our traumas as a badge of honor, so we can start to thrive. This book breaks down how we are all more connected at heart than we would like to believe by breaking down my life accounts, which may enlighten and enrich you, but also simultaneously shock you.

As noted briefly, though I have a distinct look and disposition, I have suffered just like anyone else, which is eye-opening, restorative, and connecting for humanity to understand. Most people judge others in this shallow world we live in, merely from fearing what is not known. It is much easier to run from what we do not understand instead of what we genuinely need to do more of in this world: try to understand. Empathizing with what is misunderstood is vital to bringing these hidden elements to the surface to heal and demystify what separates us as a species.

My Review:

This is a one-of-a-kind self-help book. There has never been a self-help book written in this style. Shari offers the readers a number of glimpses into her life, and these could benefit others. This work isn't a how-to better oneself, this is an example of how she bettered her life, and it may work for others.

The chapters on stopping smoking and drinking are brilliant. People who need to make these changes in their lives could get some keen insight into how to do it from this book. There is an overriding philosophy here. My thinking is that the key is don't do anything halfway. If you are going to go for something - go all in. This covers life choices, romance, work chances, etc. That is good advice. Too many people let fear hold them back from going after what they want.

Personally, I did this in creating the dream life I live now. It takes courage to quit a job and move to somewhere you have never been but it worked for me. It worked for Shari...don't let fear hold you back.

There are many products recommended that offer alternatives to big pharma and that is always a good thing. Before trying any of the recommendations, make sure you do your own research on each product to make up your own mind.

If the pandemic knocked you off your feet, this book will be good for you to read. If you want to consider alternatives to the standard way of living, this book is for you.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Shari Sanahi is first-generation Guyanese American author born in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She has spent most of her life teaching others about Guyana’s location and culture to those who cross her path. Guyana, a country located in South America, is comprised of 6 different races: Indigenous, East Indian, African, Portuguese, European and Chinese. She was published in the zine from New Zealand titled “Phantom Billstickers,” which can be purchased on Amazon. The direct downloadable link to this publication can be found on her website at

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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