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Caleb’s Brides by Lynne Lanning is a Western Fiction/Romance Event pick #historicalwestern #historicalromance #westernromcom #giveaway


Caleb’s Brides



Lynne Lanning



Christian Historical Romance/Humor


Book Blurb:


With two women wanting to marry him, Caleb decides to have some fun…Would God still help him even though he was taking things into his own hands? Or would his plan backfire and land him at the altar with the wrong woman?




Caleb loved his ranch and his way of life, cattle drives, sleeping under the stars, and time at home with his aunt and brother. Life couldn’t be better.

At twenty-seven years old, some people thought it was time for this young, handsome, wealthy rancher to give up riding the range, marry, and start a family.

Returning from a cattle drive, Caleb finds two beautiful women living with his family, both hoping to marry him.

With pressure building, he can’t wait for the next cattle drive, to escape his own house.

He yearns to find a woman like the daughter of the man who just bought his cattle. That was a woman he could easily fall in love with, but her father had sent her off to a fancy school in search of a rich, fancy, city slicker husband.

Praying and knowing God would send someone one day, he is happy to continue following his herd, staying away from home and those two women as much as possible.

But when one really starts pressuring him, he decides to play her game. All she wanted was his money anyway, so why not have a bit of fun? He hoped to make her regret saying she wanted to be a rancher’s wife and would do anything he asked of her.

Would God still help him even though he was taking things into his own hands? Or would his plan backfire and land him at the altar with the wrong woman?


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Caleb’s Brides is full of humorous characters, from two prankster brothers, to a cantankerous chuck wagon cook, and several others in between. Situations get out of control, and one could lead to a marriage with the wrong woman. Emotions abound with a side of light-hearted humor, and unexpected twists that keep the reader enthralled to the very last page.


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Author Biography:


Lynne Lanning has such an effortless way of evoking emotion from her readers. Her characters are so realistic that the reader can feel their pain during trials and their joy during triumphs. Reviews state: "'s as if Mrs. Lanning lived through this herself." "Couldn't put it down..." "A real page turner." Lynne enjoys turning history and her love of God into enjoyable, relatable stories with practical life lessons that can benefit people today. Each story tells of true bonds of love and loyalty, mixed with tough times and decisions, with a twist of humor and sometimes devastation...the same is true in life. With a blend of her own family members and heritage along with lots of fiction, it's hard to tell where reality stops and fantasy begins.



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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 26

Thank you for sharing your book in our western event!

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