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Chocolate Secrets, Book 1 in Love by Chocolate series by Zelda Benjamin is a Book Series Starter Event pick #sweetromance #romance #bookseries #giveaway

Title: Chocolate Secrets, Book 1 in Love by Chocolate series


Author: Zelda Benjamin


Genre: Sweet Romance


Book Blurb:


When the Martinelli family chocolate shop display goes up in flames at a Brooklyn street fair, fate throws Alex Martinelli and Mike Simone together. Alex, an ER nurse with a passion for reading her daily horoscope, has several valid reasons not to get involved with Mike, a NYC firefighter. An alliance between a true water sign and a man whose element is ruled by fire makes them an unlikely couple. Even worse is his connection to the man who stole her grandfather's secret chocolate recipe. But the sexy hero always seems to show up when she needs him most. In return for his heroism, Mike only wants two things from Alex: a chance to prove he is her soul mate and her grandfather's secret chocolate recipe. In his quest to get the recipe and win the citywide bake-off, Mike puts his relationship with Alex at risk. Alex tries to deny her destiny, but Mike is determined to melt her heart.




On the other side of the street, a group of firefighter’s and paramedics from the local firehouse set up a booth. By the look of the guys carrying the boxes, she assumed they were peddling hunky firefighter calendars. Maybe she’d buy one for Chloe or Sarah. Sarah and Chloe, unlike Alex, had a thing for sexy heroes.


One of the guys smiled. With dark hair and sparkling blue eyes, she could see from across the narrow street, she was sure he had a page on the calendar. What month would he be? A Leo, perhaps, a natural performer, loves children, and has love affairs. As pleasant as it was to watch his biceps bulge beneath his navy FDNY T-shirt, her practical side surfaced. She was here to work, not enjoy the scenery. With a shake of her head she banished her silly thoughts and walked around the van to find her grandfather.


“We’ve got a good location at the fair this year. Those fire rescue people will draw a big crowd.” He carried a tray filled with chocolate truffles. The mischievous twinkle in his eyes had nothing to do with the decadence of his product. “Good-looking bunch of men across the street. I’d bet some of them would be interested in a pretty girl like you.”


Alex had been there and done that. Her two older brothers and her father were firefighters. After her divorce, they tried to fix her up with men from the department. She already had enough men in her life that ran into burning buildings everyday. She refused to date any of their friends and wanted nothing to do with their matchmaking.


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Kindle Sale-Chocolate Secrets and all books in Love by Chocolate series




What makes your featured book a must-read?


The story is a recipe for a sweet romance with horoscopes, good-hearted meddlesome characters, a long-standing feud, family secrets, and a firehouse bet.


Giveaway –


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Open Internationally.


Runs January 9 – January 21, 2024.


Winner will be drawn on January 22, 2024.


Author Biography:


Zelda was a nurse who specialized in pediatrics and authored articles for various nursing publications. She always loved telling stories and expanded her repertoire to include writing romance novels that feature contemporary themes with sweet and sensual undertones, always concluding with a delightful happily ever after. She is currently editing book two in her Highland Falls series. In her leisure time, Zelda enjoys the opportunity to explore different cultures, cuisines, and destinations with her family.


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