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Trailer Reveal | Dargo Eco Hero! by Karina McRoberts #ecofiction #feelgood #satire #video #bookish

Title Dargo Eco Hero!

Author Karina McRoberts

Genre Eco Fiction, Feel-Good Fiction, Fantasy, Humor and Satire

Publisher Next Chapter

Artist or Company who made the book trailer Sally’s Speaking

Book Blurb

By far one of the Best and Most Unique Books I Have Ever Read. (NS, Readers' Favorite). Imagery That Will Leave You Breathless (TA, Literary Titan). Gorgeous Writing (KC, Book Commentary). As Warm as the Wizard of Oz (TA, Literary Titan). Heartwarming With Great Adventure (DL, Readers' Favorite).

A lonely young man suffers a massive defeat. When all is lost, he meets a fiery fortune-teller who pleads with him to save her. Can he re-invent himself as a hero?

A light-hearted but poignant story, Dargo is humorous and heart-warming - a fairy-tale for adults, with splendid wordcraft. You can also read this to your children who care about Earth. And, if they don't, Dargo will help them to do so.

Hilarious, heart-warming, different and delightful, Dargo is an enjoyable timely tale that will appeal to the magic in all of us. Fabulous Illustrations. Literary Titan Gold Book Award Winner. Shortlisted for Chanticleer International OZMA Fantasy award.

Watch the book trailer

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Author Biography

I wrote Dargo as a way of dealing with my despair about the state of the world. Sick of all the doom and gloom, I decided to create a humorous story. Dargo is primarily an adult fairy tale and is a tribute to all those who work so hard to make the world a better place - for you, I wanted to offer some respite, some laughter and cheer.

The story is based on my personal experiences and relationships. The Spirits I know personally. I wanted to introduce them to you in case you’ve not met them beforehand. You can introduce them to your children too (with care)—a fun way to teach them about nature. For more stories in this vein, see my ‘Treasury of Feel Good Stories’ series.

Yay Renaissance Women! Ladies, seeing as we weren't allowed to participate last time, let's get into big time now! My official training is disease ecologist, but I am also a musician, illustrator, writer, and theatre producer. Intelligent fiction designed to inspire and entertain; novels and novellas that I describe as spirit-lifting. My fiction is character-rich, and has been described as richly realized and deeply evocative. I do strive for this! I also create non-fiction so as to help others discover their creative selves.

I live on a rural property in Western Australia with my husband and dog, and many wildlife friends. We are converting degraded farmland to forest,

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2 comentarios

Jan K Sikes
Jan K Sikes
29 jul 2022

Wow! This is a fabulous book trailer and it sold me on the story! Congrats to Karina!

Me gusta

N. N. Light
N. N. Light
29 jul 2022

Thank you, Karina, for sharing your book trailer with us!

Me gusta
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