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5 stars for Daughter Darkness by Alyssa Charpentier #yalit #yadarkfantasy #darkfantasy #bookreview

Title: Daughter Darkness

Author: Alyssa Charpentier

Genre: YA Dark Fantasy

Book Blurb:

15-year-old Twilight dreams of a better life away from her uncaring family, longing for purpose and adventure. When her humdrum existence is soon shattered forever, she is thrust into the wickedly enticing realm of the Shadows, a society of sorcerers who look to her as their living salvation from the light. As darkness seeps into Twilight's soul, she comes to live by three words - "maim and kill." In this brutal coming-of-age tale, young Twilight finds herself tangled in a twist of existential crises, divine dangers, and monstrous mishaps as she navigates the various bends and turns of her new life, always wondering whether she should obey her "true nature" and remain in the dark - or fight for a glimpse of light beyond the Shadows' compound walls.

My Review:

For a debut novel, this is one of the most comprehensive world creations that have ever happened. The world-building is momentous and there are worlds upon worlds here. A reader is in for an all-encompassing treat when they start this book. Twi is quite a complex character.

Twi starts out in what could pass as a modern approach to a Cinder-ell-a life. Nothing says C’ella like evil stepsister and step-mom. Throw in a butt wad of a dad and you got something.

At the core of this book is the question of who do you want to be. Twi is faced with quite a choice and her first inclination is to run in the opposite direction. That is a telling point for readers too. Many people are faced with tough decisions in life and running is always an option. You really get a feeling that there are different paths of courage.

Dark and compelling, this book will challenge a reader. A brilliant first book by an up-and-coming author. Fans of books about dark magic will love this book. Fans of a heroine who is multi-layered and very complex will love this book. Upon finishing this book there will be a growing clamor for book 2.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Alyssa Charpentier is a dark fantasy author, poet, and U.S. Sailor. Her debut novel, Daughter Darkness, commenced her career as an author and marked the birth of her Myrk Maiden Trilogy. Alyssa has written for Daikaiju Enterprise's G-FAN magazine and attended G-FEST as a book vendor in 2022. When Alyssa isn't ravaging worlds or regaling her readers with twisted tales of light and dark and good and evil, she can be found enjoying Godzilla films, playing with giant bugs, and composing digital music.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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