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5++ stars for Driveway Detailing Warrior by S. L. Lucas #cardetailing #cars #nonfiction #bookreview

Title: Driveway Detailing Warrior: DIY Money-Saving Guide to Sports Car Detailing at Home on a Budget

Author: S.L. Lucas

Genre: Car Detailing, Automotive Repair, Nonfiction

Book Blurb:

Psst, did you know that a filthy car could be a disaster for your love life?

It’s true; a survey revealed that 51% of those polled would end the first date early if their date showed up in a dirty car, and 23% have finished a relationship because of their partner’s filthy ride!


In this refreshingly entertaining how-to guide, S.L. Lucas serves up ten inspirational in-depth chapters full of sage advice, money-saving DIY detailing projects, the odd heart-warming story and occasional fruity language.


Understand why you need not pay sky-high pro detailer’s prices to bring out your motor’s beauty and how to keep her in stunning tip-top condition at a fraction of the pro detailer’s cost.

Learn the pro hacks and techniques on a journey of discovery where you’re empowered with the know-how to bring your beast back to her former glory with the power of home detailing on a budget.

Transform your Sports Car back to her former alluring beauty yourself, turning her into the glorious envy of friends and neighbours.

From the book’s beginning you’ll understand why you need to embrace the Driveway Warrior spirit. You’ll learn how to DIY detail your ride Driveway Warrior style and how to use the power of home detailing on a budget to thrive in your endeavour to create the ultimate DIY detailed street weapon…

My Review:

This has to be the most comprehensive and usable how-to book ever written. The author has created a very readable and fun book covering every home car detailing aspect.

The book is enjoyable with fun little bits that make you smile as you learn how to take care of your car. The detail in the book is unprecedented. Every single time the author starts a new section he keeps the detail going.

You cannot go wrong if you just follow the process step by step. It is smart and funny and easy to read. The step-by-step instructions can be followed by anyone. There is a great chapter for each part of car detailing. If you need just one for one can flip to that.

A truly brilliant book! If you own a car, you must buy this book. If you are thinking of buying a car, buy this book first. There cannot be a car owner who doesn't need to have this book at the ready. Cannot recommend this book enough.

My Rating: 5++ stars

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Author Biography:

S. L. Lucas is the owner and creator of the popular 'Driveway Detailing Warrior' home detailing blog and is a blogging mentor in the DIY home detailing community. A published writer for the local press as well as a Porsche monthly magazine, he has bought, sold, detailed, cherished and spiritedly driven three different Porsche models since 2002. He lives in Brighton and continues to detail, modify and enjoy his current cherished Porsche Cayman 987.2.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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