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5 stars for El Camino on a Wrecked Ankle by @CatinaNoble1 #travel #memoir #bucketlist #bookreview

Title: El Camino on a Wrecked Ankle

Author: Catina Noble

Genre: Nonfiction, Travel, Memoir

Book Blurb:

Catina Noble’s *Cat’s Journals* are anything but notes on an easy life. Once again, Catina Noble takes us on a journey of determination and courage, this time on the El Camino. Alone. With blisters and a twisted ankle. The guy beside me on the top bunk, Jamie, noticed my ankle. Mentioned he used to be a doctor and that my ankle looked really bad. He told me, if I weren’t so close to the finish line, he would definitely advise me to stop.

He offered to spray it with some sort of antiseptic stuff that would create a seal all over the blistered area and it would be good for at least twenty-four hours, maybe longer.

That sounded great to me but he also advised me that when he sprayed my ankle, it would hurt like hell for a minute or two so to prepare myself.

I prepared myself.

He didn’t lie to me.

It did hurt.

I screamed into my pillow.

My Review:

Here is a book that brings to light a simple truth. Completing a journey is a test for the soul of the participant. In this memoir, we follow the day-by-day journey of Cat while she navigates El Camino for her own reasons. Created as a journey of spirituality for Catholics, Cat journeys to find her own spirituality via solitude.

People considering a life-changing vacation will want to read this book. This book is a living example that you don't have to be fully prepared to get your goal done. Here, someone is able to accomplish a task without considering varied potential hazards til they face them. An old adage that can come from this book for others is this: prior planning eliminates poor performance.

A very personal look into someone's life as they reached a stage when they needed to redefine themselves. The journey becomes addictive to the reader, and you want to know what comes next. To that end, the abrupt stop without a paragraph postscript was slightly unsettling to this reader.

A fine addition to the memoir section of books. If you have ever walked El Camino, you will want to read this book. If you are thinking of walking it, read this book. If you enjoy women's nonfiction, then read this book. An effective reflection of one women's hike to find herself.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Catina Noble’s writing started appearing in late 2009. To date, Catina has more than 200 publications including her poetry, short stories, articles/interviews, and her photos.

When she is not writing or creating new art work, she teaches mixed media art to children, practices art journaling, volunteers time in the community, and plots her next set of adventures. In 2009, Catina graduated from Carleton University with a B.A.

Writing is her first love and then art.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


Jan Sikes
Jan Sikes
Apr 07, 2022

Great review! Congrats to Catina!


Barbara Bettis
Apr 07, 2022

An inspirational journey! After reading the review, the book is definitely on my TBR list! all the Best, Cat

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