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5+ stars for Enfant Terrible: Showstopper by Gwydhar Gebien #litfic #literaryfiction #bookreview

Title: Enfant Terrible: Showstopper

Author: Gwydhar Gebien

Genre: Literary Fiction


Book Blurb:


“2012 was over, and good riddance. It had kicked my ass, and I was glad it was done. 2013 wasn’t off to a particularly auspicious start, but I felt certain things would get better. I certainly couldn’t see how they could get any worse.”Damen Warner is ready for a fresh start. After spiraling into alcoholic depression as the result of his grandmother’s death he plans to start the new year right. Thanks to his newfound notoriety as an internet sensation, Damen and his band, OBNXS, return to the studio to record their next album. But as his professional career takes off, Damen quickly discovers that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Forced to balance his professional aspirations against his deepening relationship with his girlfriend Melody and her five-year-old daughter, Damen quickly finds himself tangled in a web of controversy and chaos that threatens everything he loves.As he fights to keep his band, his relationship, and his sanity from unravelling, Damen struggles to confront his attitudes toward family and fatherhood, and to grow up—or die trying.


My Review:


It’s a new year and Damen is ready for a fresh start. Can he navigate keeping his band together, rising success, and his girlfriend together while not going off the rails? Enfant Terrible: Showstopper is the final book in this rocking trilogy. It all culminates in this book and it’s an emotional ride. This author writes a candid tale and it’s impossible to turn away.


Just to be different, let’s start with the narration. The narration in all three books, but especially in this one, is chockful of emotion. Everything from the emotional turmoil building in Damen to the outpouring of emotions from those surrounding him is expressed through the vehicle of narration. We’re talking gut-wrenching, bleed across the pages, kind of emotion. It is beautiful and had me whipping through the pages.


The characters, mainly the hero Damen, drive this story. Damen’s journey has been a rough one, but his character’s arc is what makes this book stunning. No, he’s not some boy scout, but a man who’s lived through it all and come out the other side. He realizes, like the rest of us, being a grown-up doesn’t mean you can’t be a bad ass. You just respond to life differently.


This book is written to perfection and one I highly recommend. Sure, it’s full of cuss words and triggers galore, but it speaks the truth for all of us who live life to the fullest. Honestly, someone needs to pick up the film/tv rights to this trilogy. It’s bloody brilliant!


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


GWYDHAR GEBIEN (Pronounced Gwed-ra Gay-bin)Gwydhar Gebien is a writer, an artist and a filmmaker; originally from Chicago now transplanted in Los Angeles in pursuit of a career in film production. She is still pretty sure her subversive sense of humor would do well in a television writers' room.With a background in theatre from Illinois Wesleyan University and a master's degree in film production from University of Southern California she is putting her training to good use at Warner Brothers Animation on adult content that she is not currently at liberty to discuss.An eldritch creature of introverted disposition, Gwydhar, lives a quiet life in a pink house with her husband and a cat and a minivan, but can occasionally be coaxed out into the open with music, snacks, or a single-malt whisky.


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Reviewed by: Nancy


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