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5 stars for Er or Seau: AI & The Enhanced Race. Novel #sciencefiction #dystopian #cyberpunk #bookish

Title: Er or Seau: AI & The Enhanced Race. Novel

Author: Julia Dadanova

Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopian, Cyberpunk Sci Fi

Book Blurb:

Explore a Dark Dystopian Universe Ruled by Artificial Intelligence Through Curious Eyes of a Young Electum!

They say that you can be moral only when life, as such, is sacred to you...

Seau is an Electum, a descendant of the enhanced race - a genetically modified child. Like all the other young Electums, Seau spent all of his life in a research laboratory under the constant surveillance of Artificial Intelligence. However, one day he finds himself on the other side of the wall - in a world unbeknownst to him.

Outside the walls of a research laboratory, there lies a post-apocalyptic and unfriendly world – world filled with new and intelligent beings and permeated with dangers. Luckily, Seau isn't left to his own devices as an elder, but awkward electum offers his protection.

Seeking freedom from the capture of AI, Seau is forced to time-travel to a different time and civilization. But Seau's time travel to a distant past takes a dark turn. He first gets to meet the "Wild people" as he is relocated to a Civilization whose ruling class hates human beings. There Seau has to make a difficult moral decision.

Will Seau be able to make the right decision, or is all hope lost?

Julia Dadanova's first novel, Er or Seau, is a compelling science fiction that explores the future of humanity. The narrative starts from the perspective of one hero. The main hero then changes, which leads us to a completely new and unexpected plot twist.

With its thrilling ebbs and flows, readers of all ages will love this action-packed fiction novel as it offers a unique insight into what it means to be human and how our actions shape the world of tomorrow.

Revel in this story about a dystopian world by taking a deep dive into Seau's life and find out how this naive but curious child learns to navigate a world filled with dangers.

My Review:

This book is a magnificent example of world-building. The plot takes you in so many different directions, the reader gets to determine which one is most important to them. Immersive in style, this book requires the reader to really get into the novel. If any readers are like me, they only knew Seau as a junior.

The diffident personality of Seau shines through. This is a book that could represent the danger of following trends online. Had Seau not thought going that way was a good idea, he/she would never be there.

Reminiscent of classic sci-fi works, there is a real Bradbury feel to this book. The book is layered with subtle meanings. The reader is provided with the opportunity to latch onto what works for them individually. Recommended to fans of that classic show where people got lost. Recommended to those who love immersive sci-fi and dystopian.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

In addition to being an author, Julia Dadanova is a loving mother of two children and a company owner.

With her books, Julia masterfully blends the innovative tales, well-thought-out dialogues, genuine characters, and emotions in a delectable symphony of the next-level immersiveness and spices them up with mind-blowing twists and some important philosophical questions of today's world. Julia is presently working on The AI and Enhanced Race book series, and Er or Seau is the first novel.

Reviewed by: Mr. N


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