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New Release | Eye of the Gargoyle by Wendy Webb #metaphysical #mystery #visionary #bookish

Title Eye of the Gargoyle

Author Wendy Webb

Genre International Mystery and Crime; Metaphysical and Visionary

Publisher Milford House Press

Book Blurb:

At the end of a metaphysical conference, reluctant attendee Camille Dare discovers an envelope with her name on it. Filled with travel documents, a photograph, and bloody scarf material, the source of the envelope and its contents remain anonymous, but the directive is clear: Find the missing person in this very unusual case.

The missing person, Katherine Agurre, comes from a high profile, influential and wealthy family who has long since become estranged from her. Although they’ve never met, Camille is worried about Katherine’s wellbeing, as are others in the metaphysical community, including a tarot reader, an astrologer, a retired world traveler, and an internationally known psychic.

A growing obsession with the missing person case and her own quest for self-understanding compel Camille to begin a trip to meet people she never knew and locations she never expected to visit.

Inside the Munster cathedral in the Old Town square of Freiburg, Germany, Camille meets a strange man who wears a collection of religious icons. India is an assault not only to the senses but to everything Camille finds comfortable and safe. She doesn't know anyone in Asheville, North Carolina, but drives toward the small mountain city with little more than the cryptic astrological chart that has led her there.

Who is the anonymous source of these travels, and why was Camille the target? If she’s real, if she’s alive, can anyone find Katherine Agurre if she doesn’t want to be found?

Camille started her travels by choice until there is no choice anymore. Each step of the way raises the stakes, not just for Katherine but for Camille as well.


A mere three days prior in Atlanta I had found my name typed on an envelope, and placed on a corner table of the hotel bar where I attempted to hide the previous night. No one had occupied the seats around the table, nor was there any hint anyone had been there earlier. The glass cocktail table was void of finger smudges and emitted a faint odor of disinfectant that mingled with the sweet scent of fresh-cut roses erupting from a silver vase. Under the canopy of deep red velvet petals lay the envelope.

Someone had expected me to return to this same place at the same time on a second night. A sudden chill touched the back of my neck. That "someone" had predicted my behavior under unusual, and what I considered more than random odds. I had never been in this hotel before, ever, and had certainly never attended a conference like this, or one even similar. Further, I wasn't a guest at the hotel, since my house in the suburbs was within driving distance.

The moment of fringe uneasiness gave way to a rationalized thought; perhaps it was a lucky, even hopeful guess, of my whereabouts on a second night. This had to be closer to the truth than the wild odds and the nagging thought my behavior fit into some habitual pattern observed and acted upon by an anonymous person who left thick envelopes for me to discover.

Or maybe I was overreacting as the result of reading too many true crime books just before I turned out the light for a restful sleep.

The recent headlines were a different matter. Now relegated to less coverage and buried in the newspaper for lack of a conclusion, the story still piqued my curiosity and brought disjointed thoughts in the middle of the night. The result was sleep that became disrupted, and, perhaps, a thread of paranoia and suspicion was the price I paid now.

Still, against my better judgment, which had escaped me in times before, I reached for the envelope. What I found inside proved I had been far too cautious in my concerns.

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Author Biography:

Wendy Webb is a nurse, educator, and a disaster medical responder. An avid traveler she’s learned to keep a notebook to jot down details of the inevitable strange, unusual, or just plain quirky event that will occur where she goes.

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1 Comment

N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 06, 2020

Thank you, Wendy, for sharing your new release with us. It sounds like a fascinating read.

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