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JAKE/GEEK: Quest for Oshi by @ReonneHaslett is a BHW pick #yalit #yascifi #scifi #bookboost

Title: JAKE/GEEK: Quest for Oshi

Author: Reonne Haslett

Genre: Teen and Young Adult SciFi/Fantasy

Publisher: Expansive Press


What happens when a 15-year-old cyber genius, Jake Green, discovers that his best friend, Oshi O’Malley, is missing? Jake’s convinced a virus he planted in a rival’s laptop may have caused her disappearance. He won’t stop till he finds her, including breaking into a top-secret military base using psychic cloaking, an implanted microchip, and futuristic spyware from the Department of Paranormal Research at Stanford to uncover who’s behind a classified experimental project, ENERGENX. Jake’s beliefs are shaken to their core when he enters a particle transmutation pod and drops into the World Wide Web, where he fends off creepy avatars in a battle for his brain. Will Jake find Oshi in time—and will they come out of this alive?


When I come to, I’m aware only of the sound of my breath, in…out…in…out. Afraid to move, I remain still, eyes closed. My neck’s bent at an awkward angle inside the helmet. I slowly roll onto my back and remove it. I take a short breath to test the air and don’t keel over.

The floor feels cold beneath me and the first thing I’m aware of is the silence – the most silent silence I’ve ever experienced. I’m afraid to look, afraid to know where I am. Did this really happen? I muster the courage and lift my eyelids. What the absence of sound is to my ears, the absence of sight is to my eyes. It is nothingness.

Even though I feel disoriented, I force myself to sit up. Everywhere I look is sameness. It’s impossible to get my bearings. I set the helmet down and slowly stand. I reach out a helpless hand. If I were to explore, I wouldn’t know which way to go. Is this where those two guys from the first experiment ended up? Walking endlessly through this void until they died of thirst and starvation?

Get a hold of yourself, Jake. They’ve got me covered at the lab. I’m not alone. I’m not alone, I’m not alone. I repeat this mantra over and over, hands fisted at my sides. Suddenly, I remember the chip in my head.

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Author Biography:

Reonne Haslett has an immense imagination. As early as age seven, she orchestrated the neighborhood kids’ playtime from her time machine (a refrigerator box). Being chased by dinosaurs or piloting a rocket of space explorers was her daily routine. Once she picked up a pencil, she couldn’t stop. By the 3rd grade her stories were winning awards.

She has been writing professionally her entire adult life. Due to her natural curiosity, she has a passion for science fiction and the supernatural. Her love of storytelling led her to the film business, where she wrote and edited screenplays as well as produced feature films, including Quest of the Delta Knights, a 15th century fantasy. Reonne continues to express her vivid ideas on the page with her debut sci-fi/fantasy novel for young adults, Jake/Geek.

Her current projects are a YA supernatural thriller involving some creatures no one has yet put a name to, and a TV pilot blending the paranormal with the mining history of her home town, Grass Valley, California. She lives among the evergreens with her old tabby cat. To learn more about Reonne and Jake/Geek, please visit

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jun 23, 2021

Thank you, Reonne, for sharing your book with us! It sounds like a great reading adventure.

Unknown member
Jun 24, 2021
Replying to

Thank you for showcasing JAKE/GEEK: Quest for Oshi. I hope readers enjoy the story.

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