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Love is in this air in these 1930s romance novels by Jane Lewis #bookseries #bookboost #historical

Title Love At Five Thousand Feet

Author Jane Lewis

Genre Historical Romance

Publisher The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb

After her mother’s death, Dottie Lester moves to her parent’s hometown of Saplingville, Georgia with her alcoholic father. She wants to escape and go to live with her aunt in Macon, but first, she must get her father settled in his new job. When Dottie meets a handsome pilot and falls in love, her goal changes, but it is still no match for his desire to leave their small town behind and fly for a commercial airline.

Victor Douglas, United States Army Air Corps pilot, returns to Saplingville to help his ailing father. He has been flying his own JN-4 Jenny bi-plane for years. That and his army experience qualify him to apply for a job as a commercial airline pilot and win a coveted job offer, but how can he leave his father now, or a budding romance with the pretty new girl in town?

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The church steeple loomed at them.

The bi-plane banked to the left, the boarding house

below them. As they flew over Main Street, the plane

rose to a higher altitude.

She peered from side to side observing the earth

from a perspective she’d never dreamed about. The

thick green forests would open to a lake or pasture then

another forest would come into view. The vibration of

the bi-plane swept through her body, dulling her senses.

She closed her eyes and relaxed against the seat. She

had no idea how long they’d been in the air.

The humming of the wires changed to a higher

pitch. The airplane picked up speed. She grabbed the

sides of the seat as fear clutched her heart. She closed

her eyes and prayed. The bi-plane hit the pasture with a

bounce before coming to a stop close to the shed.

Victor turned off the engine. He stepped out,

climbed on the plane beside the seat and reached for

Dottie’s hand to help her out.

He jumped off the wing, grabbed her around the

waist, and set her in front of him. Without saying a

word, he took her face in his hands. He bent to kiss her.

Her legs were weak from flying. She hadn’t gotten used

to being on land. When he kissed her, it was as if she

were in a whirlpool, the earth spinning around her.

She swayed, Victor steadied her. “Well, how do

you like it?”

She tightened her hold on his arm as the earth

turned beneath her. “What, the flying?”

He pulled the aviator cap off her head. “Yes, the


“I was scared at first, but when we got in the air, I

relaxed and enjoyed the ride.”

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Author Biography

Jane Lewis dreamed of being a romance writer since she read her first romance novel. She wrote articles for her school newspaper, articles for a music magazine and composed and arranged music.

When she isn’t writing, re-writing or editing her next romance novel, she enjoys cooking, playing music, yoga, weight training and hanging out with her real-life hero, her husband.

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Instagram - @janelewisauthor

Title The Barnstormer

Author Jane Lewis

Genre Historical Romance

Publisher The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb

Pilot Frankie Howard, can do no wrong when he’s flying and showing off his daredevil aerobatic skills. On the ground, trouble follows him wherever he goes, especially trouble with women. Frankie adores his best friend's sister, Ruth Ann, and endures her come-ons and rejections in an effort to capture her love. When he finds out she has a new beau, he accepts the defeat until fate steps in and changes their lives forever.

Ruth Ann Douglas lives a charmed life as the spoiled daughter of the town pharmacist. She bewitches and teases all the boys, especially her brother’s best friend, Frankie. Her dream of becoming an actress takes her to an acting school in Atlanta where she meets Ronald Waters, a young actor. Ronald wants to win her heart, but Ruth Ann can’t forget the handsome barnstormer and the small town she tries to leave behind.


Ruth Ann drifted to sleep and woke when Frankie

silenced the engine of the airplane. “We got here quick.

I’m glad I missed the landing. It scares me to land and


“I didn’t know. I thought you liked to fly.” He

unfastened his seat belt.

“I do, after we’re in the air and before we land.”

She waited for him to come around and help her out of

the plane.

His Ford coupe sat alone in the parking lot. He put

her suitcases in the car and headed into the hangar. “I

have a couple of things to do before I take you home, I

won’t be long.”

She followed him. She roamed the building to

make sure Al wasn’t hiding. “I’ll wait in here with

you.” Her heart raced with excitement while her

stomach quivered from nerves. She wanted to kiss him,

wanted him to kiss her.

Frankie stepped to his desk and studied a piece of


She followed him, took the paper out of his hand,

and placed it on the desk. She captured his hands and

placed them around her waist.

He stepped back. “What’re ya doin’?”

She tiptoed and put her hands behind his neck and

pulled his head toward her. She kissed him. The touch

of his lips sent a shock wave through her body. He took

control and devoured her mouth in a demanding kiss.

She reveled in his scent. He smelled like musk, spice,

motor oil, and the sky.

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Title The Lady Flyer

Author Jane Lewis

Genre Historical Romance

Publisher The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb

Lisbeth Douglas works as a pilot, mechanic and flight instructor. As a Lady Flyer in the 1930's, she works in a male-dominated profession. Fearful of ridicule she keeps her dream of becoming a test pilot a secret. A cocky airplane salesman arrives in Saplingville and sets up shop at the airport. He steals her heart but will never take possession of her dreams.

Paul Williams is more comfortable designing airplanes than flying them. To please his father, he takes a job as an airplane salesman. His boss sends him to the deep-south where he meets a ravishing, daredevil of a woman. His heart takes a nosedive at the first sight of her. How can he give up his controlling ways and let her soar?

Watch the book trailer:


He stared at the lake he flew over each time he

landed at the airfield, stopped the car, and turned off the

ignition. “Your uncle’s lake?”

“Yes, there’s a bench where we can sit and talk.”

He opened her door and put his arm around her

waist drawing her close. Twilight gave enough light for

him to see the bench close to the water. He waited for

her to sit and then he sat, held her hand and placed a

kiss on her cheek. He stared at the sky as the stars came

out one by one. “This is a magical place.”

She placed her hand on the back of his neck and

pulled his face close.

He gazed into her eyes. The jolt of his gut reaction

unnerved him. She’d been sealed in his heart since the

day he met her and if he kissed her the way his lips

wanted there would be no going back. Her mouth

enticed him, soft and willing. Instead of kissing her lips,

he placed a chaste kiss on the top of her head. She put

her arms around his neck, her body melted into his.

Every woman before her, every disappointment, every

happiness sabotaged by her embrace. He brushed kisses

on the velvet skin of her neck and obeyed his heart. He

fell into her snare and captured her mouth, devouring

the sweetness of her lips, her response as eager as his.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jan 30, 2023

Thank you, Jane, for sharing your book series with us!

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