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Freebie Alert | LAUGH. STREAM. SLEEP. REPEAT. by @skyburton28 #free #freebie #humorous #freebiealert


Author: Sky Burton

Genre: Humorous Fiction, LGBTQ+ Fiction, Gay Fiction

Publisher: Leaving Madmen Publishing

Book Blurb:

This book came about while I was in the process of finishing my second book in my MM romance series called Dry Drowning. The whole thing became so humorous that I decided to put it into a quick book. It's a short read and I'm giving it away free. All three books—the two in the romance series and this one are all on Goodreads and Amazon at low e-book pricing (but this one you can have for free).

Summary: Online research about celebrity press conferences for a chapter in the second book of my contemporary romance series. Interrupted by Amazon suggesting I would like to watch a high-profile former boy-band music concert. I'm not sure why Amazon thought this, but they have psychic powers, so I went along with it.

Obsession followed. Distressed because I thought he looked sad after I'd seen him in recent email news clips bouncing around on stage full of joy. Will investigate. First, I need to finish my book, but I'm distracted. Not sleeping. Eating Lean Cuisine for dinner instead of cooking. Drinking ten cups of coffee in the morning to wake up—tequila in the evening (or sometimes sooner).

All this started a few months before, April Fool’s Day 2021. A chain of events took me for a ride. Join me on the rollercoaster through a year of evolution during that final year of the pandemic (let’s hope so). From two broken arms through wild yet informative discoveries about contemporary romance genres and tropes to an obsession for two men I've never met.

I hope I tell you a few things you don’t already know. At the very least, I hope I can make you laugh and maybe cry.

PS. Yes, the obsession is now permanent but tamed, and I'm learning how to sleep again.

There is no sex in this book but there is a small bit of content /language, so I am rating it: Adult


March 13, 2022

I’m celebrating the completion of my fourth book during the pandemic—and the second in my contemporary romance series titled Dry Drowning, as well as the joy of getting to watch (actually, stream) the Los Angeles #2 concert of a former boy band member—the last one in his US tour. His fans are having panic attacks and drinking vodka. His fans worry about him. When he's not happy, they're not happy. Seems like a lot of pressure on the man.

March 14, 2022

In the middle of that Sunday night/Monday morning, I woke up at 3:30 AM after getting about three hours of sleep and did what I sometimes do, which is really the worst thing to do, which is getting on Twitter and spin through. Such a bad idea when you already can't sleep and most of the people you follow are either writers’ groups, authors, or the online superfan groups of certain Grammy award-winning former boy band members.

That night was a bit different. There was chatter about something. I sat up in bed to spin Twitter, which directed me down various threads and eventually to Tumblr, which I was dreading because I knew what was coming. Tumblr can get dark and deep and it's one of the reasons I quit years ago. Unlike Twitter, which tends to clown around in one or two sentences, Tumblr is a mini blog—more in-depth, more serious.

At one time I had a Tumblr account just like I had a prior Twitter account, but I couldn't take it because I'm an introvert and it was all just too much chat for me, but there I was that night back on Tumblr because there was a lot of talk about the LA#1 show.

Without getting into unnecessary specifics, it was about stunts in the music business and the short of it is, I could not get back to sleep because I spent the next four hours reading one specific Tumblr thread that had an amazing amount of detail (clips, photos, and FBI level analysis that dated back many years). I scrolled for four hours and never reached the end of that one thread. At 8 AM I got up tired, angry, and depressed.

I’ve always known about music and movie industry stunts and prejudices because it's all about ego and industry boosting greed. It’s no fault of the singers and others in the entertainment business just trying to make us happy with music, but my brain hadn't reconnected with this topic in quite a few years.

Until that night.

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Author Biography:

Sky grew up along the beaches of Orange County, California and, at one time, was a gallery represented artist with work in Palo Alto, California and Los Alamos, New Mexico. When she’s not writing, she’s painting, walking, or reading and always with music in her ear.

Much of her career incorporated her background in behavioral science working with companies in advanced technology marketing in Silicon Valley. She also designed and manufactured one of the first children’s shopping cart seats, started the first Silicon Valley VIP Tech Tour (she was a technology history nerd), and was founder of a public relations firm.

She reinvented her life from business writer to creative in 2014 when she went rogue, became fully self-employed, bought a tiny trailer and traveled alone for 18 months writing and volunteering.

Other books include Road Noise, the three-month road trip memoir; Running With Chickens, (co-authored with her son) published in 2016 but currently expanding and will re-publish later in 2022. She also wrote Leaving Madmen, published in 2001 and updated in 2016, and a variety of other nonfiction including In The Land Of Bugs And Rain and the wildly entertaining International Public Relations Guidebook.

Books in the works: Third book in the Music Of Us series (the MM romance continues) she plans to write while in Italy Fall 2022, Elements (sci-fi Winter 2022), and Essays After A Lot Of Tequila (2023).

She is an eclectic reader from nonfiction, true adventure, and romance to her obsession with all the Dugald Steer pop-up books.

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